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#Ugh Mother's Day Weekend

#PTSD ,#Anxiety ,#Bipolar depression,#Fibromyalgia ,#chronic pain,#Psoriatic and osteo arthritis,
Birth mom was not emotionally, mentally available to me. I was born 3 months early 70 yrs ago so was very sickly. She had 3 sons already and I was a lot of work .
My parents had 4 more kids, last one- the baby girl. She could do nothing wrong in mom's eyes.
I was a tomboy and sister girly girl.
Further separating myself and mom.
I found refuge in mom's who's kids I did day care for. I was accepted and appreciated by outside mom's !!!

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Awesome Saturday

Beautiful sunny day! Taken 3 walks.
Checked out the back boxes in neighborhood. Ate n drank fluids . After last week of extremely sore feet , feels good to get up n go again!
Today's activities are working to turn off all the negatives of the week or so! Now going to watch TV sports with my feet up.
#chronic pain,#chronic illnesses,#fibroomyalgia ,#distact me,#positive thoughts,#seasonal affective,#Bipolar ,#Psoriatic and osteoarthritis,##mental Health,#quote of the Day,#Disability ,.
Going into Sunday morning with better feeling of things!
Thanks mighties the listen, take care.
Good night.

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Is it Friday yet?

Real ready to slow down some..My caregiver and I prepared foods, shopped for groceries then home. All due to fact we were to have an appointment tomorrow late morning but tonight less than 24 hours before they cancelled. Same office requires 24 hours notice of me or incur a fee!
Go figure! This is second time they have cancelled on me since June '21.
Medical world doesn't value patient at any point. Extremely hard to understand the dynamic.
I've pretty much bounced back from extreme paininnfeet over last
Now working on my Mental Health cuz it took a big hit.
Seasonal affective, uglybstuff for me. My big window faces the parking lot and other windows are buried by bushes.
I'm not ready for all the holidays. Having to accept that they are here! When my nieces and nephews were young holidays were fun for me.
#chronic pain, #Bipolar ,#Distract me,#mental health,# check in with me, #positive thoughts, #cheer me on, #chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia,#Psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis
Signing off mighties.
Thanks for the listen!


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Here we go again...

I just received a letter from my workplace disability insurance asking for an update on my conditions from my doctors. I've been off work for 3 years and deemed permanently disabled in 2019 by the federal government disability program.

My anxiety is through the roof having to jump through hoops all over again to get the required information completed by my doctors. I plan my days very carefully because I get exhausted just doing day-to-day things. I dole out my spoons & allow time for rest, I can manage maybe 2 appointments a week.

My pain is well managed now (it's never gone) and the best part is I can usually sleep for about 6 hours before getting too stiff and having to get up.

It hurts when people judge me. I seldom use my cane or rollator because, honestly, it hurts my hands to grip the handles. I am most comfortable sitting in my recliner, I cannot sit in regular chairs or stand for any length of time.

I have started to have falls because my balance is getting worse, and my legs give out.

I just moved to a more accessible building (indoor parking - no more shoveling snow in winter & air conditioning for summer). I cannot tolerate heat or cold for any length of time - my body has a hard time warming up when I'm cold & cooling down when I am hot.

I sometimes feel dismissed by my PCP (don't get me wrong - she's been my GP for 34 years and she has been wonderful dealing with all my issues), but sometimes she will make a flippant comment like "well you could be worse off" etc.

I have Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Depression, Osteoarthritis, Neuropathy. I have had two major spinal surgeries.

Anyway, it is exhausting going through this process again.





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Thursday Hustle

Flabbergasted with my medical team. Seems like I'm doing most the grunt work to secure my booster vaccine and get it knowing any issues I may encounter afterwards because of a medicine I must stop for two. weeks BUT if I become sick get back on the medicine which compromises effect of vaccine for me.
As a patient, I don't feel I should be responsible for Al my doctor's ineptness. I realize they have large caseloads. Am I chopped liver 🤣. I expend much energy fighting my cause with all my doctor's to point of exhaustion, and frustration!
Where's my paycheck.
#chronic pain #Fibromyalgia , #Psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, #Distract me, #check in with me, #
Thanks mighties for the listen.
Signing off.

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Busy , positive day with my caregiver

I made bacon jam today 😌, we did some shopping and cooking together. Made chocolate chia seeds pudding- yummy
We fed my hummingbirds late afternoon. Went to PT for my feet and my R shoulder.
Getting my booster vaccine this Friday morning.
#chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , #Bipolar ,#positive thought of the Day, #distracrion techniques and grounding techniques for flashbacks, #check in with me, #52 small things, #Psoriatic and osteo arthritis, #chronic inflammation throughout my body, #Trauma , @breastcancer survivor, #seasonal affective, I'm a fighter they and they, #Music #Sports ,
Funny thought of the Day
Are you up,
Just wanted to say good morning 🌄!
I send thoughts to many people each day to lighten their day! The feedback I get helps me greatly. Dulls my pain n inflammation for a little while.
Good night mighties!

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Belated Halloween 🎃 Party

Covid altered original plans but today Nov 2nd some on zoom and 5 people in person 😊.
My MH clinic put bags together for each of us. Some came dressed up, an m+ m, cat, breast Cancer survivor, couple other characters.
They found allergy friendly PEEPS for me. My first taste of them in my 70 yrs.
#positive thought of the Day, #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , distract me, #check in with me, #relevant , #Psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis, #grateful ,
Resting and listening to world Series game. Thanks mighties for the listen.

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Oh Happy Day

My caregiver is back! So nice to see her.
We cooked several times and caught up on paperwork.Did couple errands.
I'm gluten free and lactose free but asked if we could get recipe for chicken tenders and MAGIC! Yummy.
She's a great cook and baker
#positive thought of the Day, #check in with me,#52 small things, #Gratitude ,#Fibromyalgia , #chronic pain, #Psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis, distraction techniques and grounding techniques to handle flashbacks,
Though my body is screaming in pain I haven't given up. I keep on trucking!
Signing off mighties!

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