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Streaming services need new profiles

Anyone else think there should be more profile settings similar to a kids profile that’s for adults who struggle with mental health? My older brother who battles with schizophrenia is staying with me and the movies and shows he puts on are not conducive to his mental health. I would love to have the capability to add a setting or edit what shows as available on his streaming profiles I added for him #Netflix #Amazon #prime #Amazonprime #Hulu #disneyplus #MentalHealth #SchizophreniaSpectrumPsychoticDisorders #Schizophrenia #help #Caregiving #Family #change

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Hulu Just Doesn't Get It...

While I'm glad Hulu has redone their interface again, there's still a major issue they failed to address last time and yet again now. They have a big enough header text, but descriptive text under it is far too small. The header text should be enlarged by two font sizes, and the descriptive text below it should be that size. And as far as using color changing backgrounds or a lack of solid color behind the text is a major issue. It just simply is not accessible for anyone wether or not they have disabilities or not. Peolle who don't have disabilities are also saying how awful the small white font on light colored backgrounds is a huge issue still. What gives? The layout is much more intuitive which deserves some props, but this font issue is the killer. Check the attacked photo. #Hulu #design #Accessibility #VisionLoss #eyecare #Migraine #wtf