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    TV Show / Movie That Best Describes Your Chronic Illness Life?

    I’m going with Steel Magnolias—not because I have Type I Diabetes, but because of the journey it depicts. Cutting my hair short due to chronic illness ✔️ making hard choices because of chronic illness ✔️ going to hospital because of my chronic illness ✔️ having to consider that I might die young(ish) from my chronic illness ✔️

    And there’s that scene where Sally Field rages and howls at the injustice of her daughter being taken away from her because of chronic illness which speaks for itself. I also find some hope in the sense of community that Shelby has around her. I certainly don’t have anything as great as that in my everyday life, but I have a supportive husband and have a Mighty community in you all ❤️

    What’s your Chronic Illness Life TV show or movie choice? 🎥

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    True crime fans good show on Netflix

    Mind hunter this a show I loved watching. #Netflix

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    After Watching Maid on Netflix

    Felt that series so much but these were combo tears- remembering the struggles and the fact that I overcame. #Singlemom #Netflix #Maid #Overcomer #tears

    I didnt deal with domestic violence but: bad days, poverty, dead beat dad, family drama. The series is based on a true story. Very gut wrenching and on point- moral> you are not alone and you can overcome too!

    Maybe I'll have to write a full review.

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    did any of you watch this show?

    so, i have a genuine question: so the main character, Kat has BPD as well as her mom….so did they depict it right or no? what’d they get right, and what did they get wrong/miss?

    i have something: so there was a part in this show that kat had stopped taking her meds….ok where are the effects of withdrawals????? they showed none of that.

    sad there isn’t a 3rd season…i liked this show/storyline. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #spinningout