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How do I know if my pain is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia has so many physical symptoms. Headaches. Joint pain. Tummy trouble. Rashes and stuffy noses.

This makes a diagnosis difficult because it can emulate other illnesses.

So is the pain you're experiencing Fibromyalgia? My latest blog post explains 3 ways you can test yourself for Fibro at home.

#fibromyalgia #Allodynia #Hyperalgesia

How Do I Know If My Pain Is Fibromyalgia? 3 Quick And Simple...


Visceral Hyperalgesia with adhesions

After multiple abdominal surgery to treat a frozen pelvis, partial hysterectomy, appendectomy and cyst removal - I have now been diagnosed from the Pain Clinic’s perspective as having visceral Hyperalgesia with adhesions.

Before the diagnosis, I had to stop work due to the severe ongoing pain plus serious problems re: digestive tract including reflux, ibs (not diagnosed). There feels to be a network of adhesions in the upper central part of my abdomen. I’m always guarding my stomach especially when I’m walking. I don’t realise until people ask me what’s wrong.

I’m 40 female in Sunny Australia. I live with my partner and his ragdoll cat, Priscilla.


How do I explain?

I stubbed my toe. Yup. That's it. Not even a bruise.
It's been an hour. I'm not injured and I should feel fine.
But because of my CRPS, I hurt up to my knee. I can't put weight on it. It feels like someone is driving nails into me. I have tears in my eyes.
If I tell anyone what really happened, they'll think I'm just being hysterical.
How do you explain the way your body overreacts? How do you tell them this is what CRPS does and get them to believe you? #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Hyperalgesia #Allodynia #ReflexSympatheticDystrophy