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Thank You for Being You

I found The Mighty several years ago on the recommendation of my nurse practitioner. Since then, I have been blessed to learn from others about strength and resiliency. The deep honesty from people sharing about their pains, fears, and successes has helped me deal with my own chronic illness. I've also been able to participate in the conversation about erythromelalgia, which is my own rare disease. Everyone who shares from the storehouse of their own lives enriches everyone else. So, I'd just like to say Thank You. There's nothing quite like The Mighty, where people can be honest about what may seem like weakness, but in reality that is an expression of our strength. Human authenticity in community with others is what brings out the best in all of us.

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Done with the Mighty #Ignored #dismissed #invisibleillnes

It’s seems to be just me that takes offence to being ignored by the Mighty support team for weeks. The last update has made it difficult to navigate my posts and comments. The update page has not change days. Or maybe no one is seeing my posts and comments. Either way this is not helping me.

I’m not suppose to take this personally. Well I guess I not a strong enough person to do so.

The only reason I’m not deleting the app is because I have posted too much of myself in year I’ve been on here. What comfort this app was giving me seems to now just create disappointments and sadness and what some would say an unrealistic hurt. I maybe able to come back without the weight of these feelings, but I guess I do not know whe that will be. 😔 #CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety #HSP #


I will not judge #Disability #invisibleillnes

Each of us is on our own journey. I do not know yours, as you do not know mine. All I know is that every journey has obstacles, whether they are visible or not. Mine are not greater or lesser than yours. It is not my place to judge, but to live my journey with acceptance, love, and compassion.