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Your So Worthy

#Healing #journey #Health #wellness #Love

So ok here’s the thing now that we have been putting in the work we are starting to see the results.

Work check list: DBT CBT ACT Mindfulness EMDR MSRT Chronic Pain Therapy soon more.

Yes IT is a journey from where you are to where you can be.

Just believe just begging 🙏 start self healing ❤️‍🩹 start with music crying laughing writing.

Listen to meditation 🧘‍♀️ sleep hypnosis or anything at night. Work through the resting embrace the resting the recovery ❤️‍🩹 Journey.

IT is so difficult we know the pain is so hard we know the fatigue is brutal we know the depression we know the anxiety we know the isolation we know the doubt we know.

We really know cause we have Lived Experience.

We know cause #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder cptsd

We know cause #chronicstress

We know cause

We know cause

We know cause

We know cause


#WeInWe can beat this !

#YouCan beat this !


We are all survivors we have all been through and or are going through.

Thank you God we are still here to cheer others on and to help inspire to carry them through.

We hope you knew we were close to death. We are alive and we are starting to thrive.

We would love to thank and congratulate #TheMighty Team you have blessed so many through this platform of healing support and love.

We have many reasons to be grateful and many more blessings to come.

We pray you yes you are ready cause you are reading this right now and you know we are #beatingthis we are #overcoming and #YesYouCan too.

Make the choice to choose your present 💝

We can only point to our walk our #livedexperience take the time to heal. You can heal.

We are all here you are not alone. You are worthy. You are important. You matter. You are valued.

Please be safe be well be loved 🥰 your worthy!

Don’t forget IT


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Email; the up I'll. Nc it ur? Thanks!et #jw I'll do oi it!

#Addiction we received is iw lights;;;;; to take u! You in?


When you need to change....

Today I finally realized there are things I need to change about myself. Particularly if I want for my marriage to survive. And if I want for my relationship with God to be fruitful.

I haven't been very supportive of my husband and the changes he is making for the positive. I haven't been supportive of decisions he has been making. I have not been patient. I have not really cared about his feelings. I have not looked out for his interests. I have not remained calm.

I think some of it has to do with the anxiety and depression. But I think the majority of it is because I have never had to answer to anyone. I have always been independent. Made my own choices. Done whatever I want to do. And that's that. But making my own choices and doing what I want to do has led me down bad roads. Making bad decisions, with bad consequences.

I want to do things the right way. Learn how to be a good Christian wife. Learn how to step out of my own box of selfishness and forgive and live accordingly.

First step is a lot of prayer. #jw #Anxiety #Depression #independent


I Can LoveThis Pain Away #Pain ,#jw .org (search depression)

I can Love this Pain Away
I can hope and I can pray
I can love you through this fight
Take what's wrong and make it right

When you treat me like you do.
I know what to say to you.

In a smile a tear or two ,
Knowing that my love is true .

I can love this pain away.
I can hope and I can pray.
A poem of caring for ourselves .endurance,hope, faith .
There only one thing worst then suffering .
Suffering alone .

Thank you Mighty for your support, with this communit and knowledge..