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Always left out #Depression

So. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always felt left out. When my group of friends split due to an argument I was always kicked out for some reason even tho I had nothing to do with it.

Fast forward thirty years.

Still hang out, virtually now, with the same guys. And somehow I’m still on the outside looking in. We are a bunch of gamers/roller players. We’ve been playing a game of Friday nights for over a year now. Recently I found out they’ve been playing on Sunday nights so our GM could actually play instead of just running a game. I thought that was cool. But of course they didn’t invite me. And to make it things worse I found out today they have another online game they are playing with two other guys too. And yet again no one thinks to ask me.

The odd part is I doubt I would play. I like to spend time with my wife and kids. BUT. It still hurts that they don’t even think to ask.
#MajorDepression #alone #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #DepressiveDisorder #leftout



Sometimes it’s so hard to sit in seclusion while sick hearing the fun my family has with out me.
Sometimes I wonder why I stay around.


#suicidal #Depression #leftout

Even though i decided not to show my identity by hiding my name but i want to make someone my personal online friend. I never wanted to disclose my identity but i think i should somehow. Mighty health is not a suitable platform to chat with someone but if there is someone who is really willing to be my friend and can help me somehow manage my depression and suicidal thoughts then comment down username or id of any social platform where i can find u and so i will add u. I m 20 but i want someone above 40 or atleast above 30 who can be my friend. I just want someone mature no matter man or a woman. However anyone can be my friend if he is mature enough to help.
Important note: I m saying this with 100% honesty that don't become my friend out of empathy. I know u all are good and i won't mind if u ignore this post completely . I like those who don't pretend.


Help those who need it!

Anyone in high school? College? If you see someone sitting alone in high school, at least ask them something! Maybe invite them to join you. I’m personally shy, so when fellow students asked me if I wanted to sit with them I was happy. However, I didn’t really enjoy it because i knew there were more people sitting alone at lunch where I was. I never gained the courage to ask that question. If you can, at least try! #shy #sittingalone #Shyness #lonely #leftout


Feeling Left Out

I know this shouldn't bother me as much as it is but here we are. My friends including my housemate who is also probably my best friend organized a game night tonight. I didn't go. My friend didn't even check in with me or ask if I was or wasn't going. Nothing. They just left. Nobody else checked in either. It feels like I was dumb to think they'd notice dumb to think they cared enough dumb enough to care myself. I know that I can be a flake but it isn't my fault. I still want people to ask me if I'm coming or if I want to go or still can. I still want that because otherwise it makes me feel unwanted and left on the sidelines. And that's a really shit feeling. #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #leftout #lonely

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I have a little sister who is four, and an older sister who is 26.

Our dad started over with a woman who is five years older than my older sister, and she gets really grossed out by it.

I play it cool because they’ve been together for so long and their love has nothing to do with me.

However, now they don’t include me and my older sister in stuff. I live ten minutes away from them and we never get invited to anything. We wish we were more involved in our little sisters life. It really hurts.

Today I saw a picture of them at a museum that’s literally two minutes away from us. I can see it from my house and still no invite. I don’t know how to approach this. It feels like he started a new family and doesn’t want anything to do with my older sister and I.

#Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Insomnia #leftout


Why am I having problems connecting to anyone on this app? I honestly didn’t think I would feel “left out” here too! #leftout #Ignored #Whocares

I’ve posted a number of times and not one person has commented on anything.



Today's been rough... I didn't sleep well last night because of pain so not only am I having a hard time getting around I also can't stay focused and study for an exam I have this week. All of my friends went to Hershey Park today and I didn't know about it until I saw them posting pics and videos on SnapChat. I feel bummed and left out... #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Sleep #tired #Lonliness #leftout #CMT #CharcotMarieToothDisease