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Looking for friends to chat with I need more community I lost mine.

My story is long so I will make it short looking for friends to chat with I don’t care if your 15 to 100 I just love talking to others and encouraging them because it helps take my mind off of me. I love junk journaling, singing , recording music , painting , reading, laying on the couch binging tv (ok this one not by choice but I learned to love it) and talking to others. Hope we can be friends!
❤️Your sickness doesn’t define you it’s just the fire that molds you into something even stronger.❤️

Message and follow me!
#hobbies #POTS #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #AutonomicDysfunction #MentalHealth #Makeup #Music #Junkjournal #crafts #Letsbefriends #Hope #professionalovercomer

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Call of Duty anyone?

Anyone play? I need some wonderful people to team up with. It's one of the few games that actually distracts my brain. And it would be great to make some new friends. I've had to live a mostly isolated life and it's very lonely. If you wanna join me let me know. #solonely #Letsbefriends #ps5 #ps4 #Xbox #Microsoft #pcgaming #cod #gamingthroughthepain


Who needs more friends? Let’s be #lonelytogether as they say. Join me lovely Lonelies#SupportGroups #Anxiety #Depression #BPD

I’m needy. Specifically I need more human connection in my life. I live rurally and find myself literally alone a lot of the time. I enjoy this, but I’m realizing I’d be healthier if I had more meaningful interactions with humans instead of just my pets😆 they’re cuddly enough for sure but their advice is not always the best. Eating the couch when anxious will not win you any health awards. I posted this question the other day, but so far only one brave soul has joined me, and two does not make a “group”. I need you guys. Come on join us ! Fb —Willie Barker (in Oregon) pic of a white pup🌈 #Support #Letsbefriends


Smaller online support group formation? #SupportGroups #Anxiety #Depression #BPD #ADHD

Hi all👋🏻 I was wondering if anybody wanted to start an online support group or join me? I live rurally so a local support group is harder for me to do, but an online one like on messenger app connected to Facebook so we could get to know each other better and provide a healthy online distraction for those of us struggling with mental health issues. I really enjoy my time here at the mighty, there are so many brave,insightful,kind beings out there offering an ear and feedback. I’d love to get to know y’all better!
If you decide to come check it out, here’s what you might find....
Daily check ins,,,who doesn’t like a kind greeting? I’m finding some art therapy is a welcome distraction and escape for my brain, maybe you will too? Trivia sounds fun too. Venting and ranting as needed. Research...
I’m unemployed so I’ve free time to research my issues AND yours if you’d like!?
In a nutshell: 41 yrs old... anxiety,depression,bpd, add,,,, new to treatment, new to The Mighty...
Wow, This sounds like a really horrible dating ad,,,, I’ll keep going!😆😆🤪
Facebook— Willie Barker (it’s my dogs account😆) profile picture is of camo wearing pup.... friend request me and we’ll move it to a group on messenger app👌🏼
Hope to chat soon🌈🌈 #SupportGroups #Letsbefriends