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Hi mighties


My therapist and cousin helped me start program to connect volunteers with anyone who is homebound, isolated and/or disabled like myself.

Volunteers (who we call our FAVs--Friendly Ability Volunteers) can have the opportunity to connect virtually, through mail and/or in person giving much needed mutual comfort and encouragement.

If you or someone you know can use a pick me up pal please fill out this form to make be paired with someone who matches your needs and interests.

Thank you
for sharing your friendly abilities nationwide
Love and many thanks

Pick-Me-Up Pal
#Isolation #resource #Disability #BrainInjury #ChronicIllness #bedbound #lonelytogether #companion #MovementDisorders

Pick-Me-Up Pal

HELP NEEDED (AND OFFERED)! We believe in the beauty of companionship. More people. More connections. More love. And less lonely. Enter Riccio Pick-Me-Ups' new program: Friendly Ability Members (FAM). This is a national search to find and connect volunteers with anyone who is homebound, isolated and/or disabled. Volunteers (who we call our FAVs--Friendly Ability Volunteers) can have the opportunity to connect virtually, through mail and/or in person, giving much needed mutual comfort and encouragement. The pal sessions are funded by RPMU and can include any helpful, creative or leisurely pursuit. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Pick-Me-Up FAV/FAM pal program, please fill out this form. Through our specialized pal paring process, we will aim for the most optimal bonds. PLEASE SHARE! Your kindness can make a difference. With love, Amara Riccio and the RPMU team http://www.ricciopickmeup.org/
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Christmas (anxtity or not?

How many people are having problems with the holidays just arriving around the corner?
Leaveacomment below 📩
#lonelytogether #Christmascheer #Depression #Anxity #Crazy


The worst kind of lonely #Loneliness

#lonelynotalone I’m at my wits end, have never been so lonely. Because my other half sits on his computer most of the day. Or always has some reason to go out, and itll be something I can’t go to. He’ll go out, be gone hours then come back and after maybe 30 seconds telling me about where he went or something he’s back in the spare room on his computer. I only see him when dinners ready, sometimes he hangs around after dinner, not regularly though. It’s been going on like this for about 3 years. There’s lots more to my problem, I could write a book. It’s so confusing. He will give me lovely birthday cards etc with loving verses, really really lovely, and now and then he realises I’m feeling low and might say something nice, but I can only think of about 2 times that’s happened in around 8 years. And no he’s not having an affair. He’s got medical problems too. That stuff is long gone. And I’m not allowed to talk about that either. Anyway it’s all complicated, nobody has these same issues I’m sure but I just needed to get it out. There’s no nastiness, I just get left alone all the time, and if ever there is any conversation most of the time it’ll end up that I’ve said something bad, or just wrong, according to him. That can be like an argument when it happens and it happens too much really. Well tomorrow might be better I guess, but I say that to myself every night. I guess I just hope everything will be like it used to be, when it was good, because it was more than good. Now we’re more like roomies. And that kind of lonely is simply tearing me apart. It’s not supposed to be like this. We’re supposed to sit on the lounge, snuggled up in front of the tv, or talking, laughing, hugging, playing, just being loving. But that’s not where we ever are, not any more and it’s the saddest feeling being all alone when your special someone is just in the spare room not caring how you feel. Like, he’s ok so I just don’t matter. Nothing is about me. #lonely #lonelytogether And because he doesn’t care about me I stopped caring about me too, I’ve put on weight so it’s no wonder he doesn’t care I suppose. While I know I could have stopped that happening I also know if I’d been getting some loving attention, even a little, it wouldn’t have happened. I just didn’t see the point in denying myself treats any more. I’m not obese, just more of me now than there was. Anyway. That’s that, I’m glad I wrote some of my problem down.


Coping Skills For Depression and Loneliness

I felt abandoned, despondent, very low, and desperately lonely.

Yes, I know depression well. She is a dear old friend.

After developing a mental illness when I got pregnant at age 23, I lost my CDL driver’s license and professional career as a commercial truck driver, afterwards, subsequent divorce, and lost custody of my only child. I lived alone for over 10 years. For many of those years, I wasn’t even allowed have a cat because of tenancy rules.

I’ve learned how to deal with her successfully, and am usually now a pretty happy person. When I feel down, I know it’s not permanent, and I’ll be okay. I follow certain strategies to get myself back on track.

I’m here to share my strategies for finding joy in everyday life. Getting out of bed is a choice I make daily.

Peace and hopefulness are such better places in which to abide.


Do you have any additional tips for feeling better? Please share in the comments. Thanks!

#MentalHealth #depression#mentalhealthawareness #DepressionSymptoms #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #lonelytogether #Recovery #CopingTips


Does anyone else have trouble with emotional permanence?

I struggle greatly with remembering that I have people in my life who care about me and want to support me. I find myself obsessing over the thought and feeling that I am alone and have no one to talk to about even the mundane things in life. I don't want to be a bother to people be found annoying clingy or like I have too many problems that aren't resolving no matter what. I want more than anything to be able to be connecting and talking with someone all the time because me only ever being the one to reach out makes me feel so much worse. #lonelytogether #Anxiety #Depression #Selfesteem



#CheckInWithMe I feel lonely today and felt the same way on Thanksgiving, even though I spent it with a large group of people.  The holidays this year were hard -- in one year I lost a father I loved dearly, my cat, and my brother who committed suicide.  He and I had lost touch but were looking forward to reuniting and bringing his daughter to Disney over the holidays.  I was with my husband and some dear friends.  I am finally seeing a psychiatrist and a doctor for my back pain.  My husband is sleeping right now and I don't want to bother him.


When You’re Ready

Dear You,

Some people don’t leave a bad situation when it’s time. They can get hurt in many ways. Loved ones don’t seem to understand why it can be so hard and friends often walk away.
Here’s why:
The trauma of abuse isn’t just happening to you. The residual damage is reaching beyond you and hurting those who love you. They find it hard to keep looking into your black eyes, they find it impossible to keep hearing your mangled heart. It’s too much to watch someone hate you and watch you not love you like they do. Finally, when they find you in a hospital, your neck is broken or your spine is twisted, the reality of death being so near is horrifying and they can no longer wait for the call; to come to your funeral. Even worse, be the one to find you among shattered glass windows and blood stained walls, broken belongings, hair ripped out, and children hiding in closets; the one to find you dead.
It’s not that they don’t support you. It’s that as long as your choices won’t hurt you or someone else, they WILL support you. As long as your choices are detrimental and/or life threatening to you and others, they cannot stay around and give you the impression, by their continued presence in your situation, that they are okay with it. They have to walk away, get upset with you, be harsh toward you. It’s the only way for both them and you to survive.

Someone once said, “you will leave when you are ready” get ready. The first time is the time to be ready. The support you are looking for is in the moment you show, not just say or keep repeating that you need it; show it and leave. Your people will leave that bad situation with you.
Don’t look back. Don’t rethink the choice to have a better quality of life.
Do rethink what a good situation looks like. Become familiar with the sounds and visuals of a good situation. Then, hold out for it. It is okay to be alone. It is not okay to be with someone, lonely, and invisible beyond an outlet of destruction.

Make your lists of what is okay and what is not okay. One for you. One for your children. Once for your family. One for your friends. One for your pets. One for your coworkers. One for your neighbors. One for your doctor. One for your heart of the community; law enforcement.
What is your reputation? A victim of a circumstance, or a person, mother, son, daughter, neighbor, coworker, friend of life and character.
Make a new reputation for yourself; are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution? You are not a problem but staying is being part of a problem.

Make a list of resources. When people offer resources, give them a real shot. You’ve asked for help so show appreciation for the help and try what’s been offered.

The key most important things you can do are to leave, not go back, and reconnect with your own thinking and Your support network. Not one your aggressor has provided.

~ Love Always,
Experienced Me

#DomesticViolence #DomesticAbuseSurvivor #DomesticAbuse #victim #victim #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #lonelytogether #Whenisenough #Whendoileave

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Like so many others here I deal with chronic illness, have lost most friends. How do you guys make new friends who can relate to you? #lonelytogether


Does anyone here live alone like a hermit no kids, single, no friends etc?

Not by choice but more so circumstances. I know some of you have kids and that. I meant like someone who is completely single, no kids, or social life. I know a guy like that and a girl too but we don't really click which is a bit redundant. I find myself wanting to make connections but always missing the mark. I feel ashamed talking about it at assessments and at the doctors. I only see the odd hairdresser friend when I need to do my hair or something and obviously come on here or go on social media . Other than that don't contact my family either due to our fallout over my mental health. Somedays I feel that I could get used to it but other days it's hard I wish I had at least a love relationship but it's hard just leaving the house. I'm embarrassed about my situation and I feel if I met someone they wouldn't want me because I have nothing going on. I've had lots of rejections. Anyone else have this lifestyle? Do you get used to it? CAN YOU get used to it and the boredom and sadness? Does it get better? Can YOU BE HAPPY this way? I'm 30 now and wondering if it ever gets better 😂 🤔
#lonelytogether #outcast #Lifestyle #Depression #Pushingmyself #empath #creatingjoy #Selfcompassion #startingfromscratch #Spirituality


You Are Never Alone


Come on over,
Walk down the street just past the dark alley and I’ll wait for you, always, on the other side.

Be with me,
We will skip through the night, I’ll sing as I dance through the dark town, always, with you.

Stay with me,
You will be strong marching through that alleyway the same one you were afraid of as long as you stay, always, with me.