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Everything is bothering me right now

#GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #PTSD #Irritable #Badmood

I don't know if anyone will read this but if nothing else I'm posting to help myself out. I don't know what's going on but everything is bothering me this week. The way people in the town I live in drive terribly, the fact that it's been cloudy pretty much every day this week etc. It doesn't matter what "it" is that particular thing is most likely irritating or making me angry every hour of the day. My job requires me to work with customers on a daily basis and this week all I want to do is hide in my office when customers come in so I don't have to "fake smile" that everything is great. I saw my therapist two days ago and also had group therapy the other day as well. Neither of those has helped me feel any differently, if anything I've gotten more irritable. No recent med changes or major stressful events in my life recently. I know that everyone has the right to feel what they feel but I'm not usually this grouchy/irritable/annoyed. Any advice on how I can get out of this particular mood/irritability? I'm afraid I'm going to get mad enough that I spout out mean/cruel things to some completely innocent person that happens to walk in my workplace or something.

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Pms… #MenstrualCycle #Period #PMS #Irritable

Before the start of my menstrual cycle, I feel so angry, irribitable, restless, sad, apathetic… I just feel like I absolutely hate the world and everyone in it that steps in my way. I despise that feeling because it makes me push away the people that I love and rely on the most and I immediately regret it during and after my period. It really messes with the way I process my thoughts and makes my usual logic super irrational… When these feelings wash over me , I feel like I can hear myself screaming through the walls in my brain to stop. It feels like another me takes over like the abrasive side from that one SpongeBob episode. I’m trying to just distance myself when I feel like ruining a relationship over minuscule factors but that distance just makes my mind race.

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#earlyStartTo Xmas I kno trust me I kno its extremely early however had the energy so we did it☃️⛄🎅🤶🧑‍🎄

Energy Strikes Make It Work for you!!!

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#lol 😂

#dog gets into #everything
Walked out front door this evening and saw neighbours dog on there roof , no one was home so I called, luckily the dog knows her way right thro a screen and got herself back inside safely lol
She looked happy😁
#enjoy !!!!!!🙂🙃😉😊

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This is how I feel lately. Only I am beginning to crack under the facade of pretending everything is okay. I have been really irritable and in edge lately and am lashing out at my boyfriend when he doesn't not deserve it. At this point, I don't know what to do to make things better, to feel better. I'm at a loss and can only hope that the fog clears soon.
#Anxiety #Depression #OnEdge #Irritable

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It Must be a Sign

So, I’m like 150% sure I am done with today, and at least 78% sure I’m already done with tomorrow. 🙄🙄🙄

#Depression #Anxiety #Irritable #moody