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Please #stay

I’ve been buying myself a lot of #motivationalshirtsANDsweaters online ever since I found one that spoke to my #soul - and this one sweater pictured here is my favorite one.

It says… “Stay” with added words on the right sleeve… “The world is a better place with you in it.”

Whenever I wear this, my eyes would always drift to my arm and it brings me a little #Hope at a time of getting through this.

I want people to be more #informed and more #aware that the things we go through is a real #illness and that a lot of us suffer from it.

After having a conversation with my favorite #maillady I found out that she too was in my shoes. We both agreed that #oneword or even a #friendlyacknowledgment from someone (that let’s you know that you’re #NotInvisible ) can help us get through the day. Like another shirt of mine says…

“You are #NeverAlone - Keep fighting… everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.”

I just want the #stigmatoend and have people more #aware because in certain cases, not knowing how to react to something in an #Understanding and #positive way, and instead react #negatively , but not on purpose, that their reactions have the ability to #trigger us back downward, or make the rest of our day #happy

If no one told you today…


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#OCD #spiritualhealth #MentalHealth #Christian #Anxiety #Fear #legalism #Aspergers

Sitting in the car analyzing myself and pondering if I do indeed have the resolve needed to reprogram my brain to think #positively not #negatively . I try step outside myself and counsel myself. I can see clearly that there are negative #patterns that keep popping up in the way I #think . I assume condemnation every time I see an area where I am not obeying God. There are specific areas of wrongs sometimes perceived wrongs that I tend to come up more often…too often. Such as do not forsake the fellowship of the brethren. Another is not reading the Bible. I know my #OCD and #ADHD #Aspergers have made this a crippling challenge. However I can not rule out my own will completely.
This is where things become murky trying to figure out what is reasonable thought and what is illogical logic. This shouldn’t be so hard to figure out. Anything I do not do for a long time I become #fearful of doing. This is not uncommon for OCD and Aspergers if I’m not mistaken. Plus the enemy attacking me when I’m trying to fight my disease. This should be a good hint that any negative thought I’m dealing with is not true. Any thoughts on your part my brothers and sisters are welcome. God bless you all!