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Ended up needing emergency surgery last night. I had an ovarian cyst that was larger than my uterus. It has twisted my Fallopian tube causing severe pain. on top on that my ovary messed itself up and was open, twice the size it’s supposed to be and had blood draining into it. Luckily the amazing medical team was able to not only remove the giant cyst but save my ovary as well.
I could not be more thankful. I may be sore now but what I felt before was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I’ve learned my lesson when you’re in pain get seen. Don’t put it off. #Emergency #Surgery #OvarianCysts #thankful #EDS #POTS #EhlersDanlos



I went to the ER a few nights ago and had a pelvic scan go find out I have 2 big Ovarian cysts! I also have a follow up with my OBGYN in the next week. I can't believe it was misdiagnosed as IBS the whole 6 months I was bloated, nauseated, heartburn, and weight gain. Now I'm worried about what's going to happen after my appointment! At one point over the 6 months I was seen by 3 primary care drs that told it was IBS and that I needed to change my diet and nothing helped. I was even told I was to young to have any tests run for ovary problems!
:( #OvarianCysts #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS


Some days I don't want to find the silver lining

Some days I don't want to find the silver lining - it doesn't make my body hurt less to do so . And every once in a while - I just need to accept that I'm sick rather than trying to spin it into something positive. Today is one of those days - where I'm going to fight through an 11 hour work day then put on my pajamas and curl up in bed where no one will tell me to look on the bright side. 

#SolarUrticaria #OvarianCysts #FoodAllergies



Any advice for travel?

Got a couple things I'm thinking about - first is how to reduce allergic reactions to light on airplanes/in airports (I know I can cover my skin but I don't think that'll cut it and I can't bring enough sunscreen on a flight to take care of it!) Second is how do you travel to countries where you can't bring your meds (I'm traveling to the Middle East but I need birth control to prevent ovarian cysts and they have very strict medication restrictions)

#ChronicIllness #SolarUrticaria #OvarianCysts #FoodAllergies