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    When life gets too much #ADHD #SH #Suicide #over soon

    Life is way too hard. Truth is my mother shouldn’t of had us. My brother completed suicide. I sadly failed and am regretting it to this day. I need to be at peace with him.

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    How to make the best out of a bad situation ?

    What helped you after a breakup if you’ve gone through one? Just today few minutes ago everything completely changed out of nowhere I respect and can’t force someone to be with me but it really hurt and I’m very emotional, please any tips help. Thank you #breakup #dated #Relationships #over #independent #help #sad #Crying #MentalHealth

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    Sometimes I just wanna disappear for a little. Also just wasn't falling apart #Life #over doses #moving on


    #over medicated?

    My doctor just added Latuda to my psych medications…I look them up and it’s scary. I’m taking Remeron, Latuda, Zoloft, Adderrall, and Clonazepam. Is this dangerous? What do I do?


    Second wave

    I'm a frontline covid-19 nurse, and my own HOSPITAL as been told I have been told to be stand by! Because of the covid-19 cases are rising and HOSPITAL admission will soom creep up! So where all prepared for whats about to happen again for the second time, we've just barley pushed through the first peak, whats this one going to do? Only think I can do is wait.
    #over #overwhelmedbylife
    Holding on by a thread 😪 but I know am strong and I know we can do this..

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    #over sensitive

    I am struggling with being way too sensitive and defensive. I usually can sort out if something is really my fault and let it pass but now I’m wondering if others think I’m the fault person if something is wrong. I’m overthinking and over reacting and don’t know how to let it go


    #OTC for #klonipin

    #Doctor on vacation. #no refills#over the counter alternatives. Can anyone recommend something over the counter. #afraid of #withdrawal and #Hospital . #help


    #Depression #social anxiety #over thinking #Family issues

    Hi guys, hope are all keeping well and doing what's best for you personally to stay safe in the whole corona virus epidemic I'm looking for some advice I have a very loving and caring family however I feel like I am being smothered by them and I'm constantly treated like I'm a child despite the fact I'm creeping up on 30 and have my own house. I'm currently on holiday in the canary island with my mum and gran and finding it very difficult to cope as they have been so judgemental about my weight for months now but since arriving here it's all they say to me is off you getting out of breath walking isn't a warning to you I don't know what is, also today because I had to borrow my grans phone to call our airline to see if we are returning to the UK on Thursday and I was on hold for an hour she came in grabbed the phone off me, hung up then started ranting and raving to me as to who they hell am I talking to know, why you panicking, eh hello I'm in a foreign country where I cant speak the language and have enough panic attacks back home even trying to do my weekly food shop because I can't be in enclosed spaces for too long, there's like we will find out tomorrow what's happening when my aunty checking us in online, they don't even trust me to do that even though I am the one with the app and the boarding passes on my phone, is ridiculous and really bringing my mood down, haven't felt this low in a long time and every time I try and speak to them about it I end up losing my cool and it turns into a screaming match which gets me more wound up I know there intentions are good and they want to look out for me but I need to live my own life, sorry for the long rant if anyone had any suggestions I could try to try and get them to understand where I'm coming from would be great xxx


    #Christmas tree overload #

    I usually use clear lights on my tree, and a lot of them This year . I wanted to do a traditional style tree so I used little colored lights and colored balls. The decorated and lit up tree was too much to much to take in . I felt confusion, unsettled not peace. I said " I don't understand it." Now it has clear lights matt finished red ,white like snow, silver glittery but too much and some clear balls and I feel better. I feel colors but never like that.it was odd.
    #over stimulated #anxious