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#Anxiety #Depression #overwhelmedbylife

I’ve had so much going on past 2 months with dr appts mostly just for a skin rash that was some kind of bacterial infection. But I had skin biopsies done at dermatologist for it and they told me they’d contact me when my test results were in. They’ve been in for almost 3 weeks and I still haven’t got a call explaining what they mean. I’ve messaged them and I get the whole apology for the delay and then either dermatologist was maybe out for a week otherwise I get well she was only in one day during the week and probably hasn’t reviewed them.

I’m tired of trying to get answers from this, it’s just too much and trying to have patience with it but it keeps coming back up of me thinking about it. I’m hoping if I try contact the clinic and provider who sent the referral to dermatologist can maybe help me get answers sooner for me. I don’t know if this is normal for this stuff, plus like I have questions for them with the test results, but it’s like I go there get these tests done for dermatologist and then they never contact me back… idk maybe I’m being too impatient still 😟😟😥


I think I’ve hit rock bottom #Depression #Anxiety #Divorce #overwhelmedbylife #PanicAttack

I know we’re all here to support one another so I’m reaching out. I think I just need to get it all out. My depression has peaked since my divorce (a year and a half ago) and my anxiety is at an all time high and I’m having panic attacks. I feel like I’m floundering in every aspect of my life, including work. I was told this week I’m being written up for attendance issues, but they had other concerns as well, like being disengaged, and unable to find me at times (I cry in the bathroom). My house is a work in progress, I haven’t finished decorating since I had updates done last summer. I still haven’t done my taxes, and my mail is stacked up. I haven’t even seen a medical doctor in a year because I can’t find my insurance card in all the mail. My laundry system is a mess! My house is somewhat clean because (for my sanity) I have a cleaner come in every other week. I haven’t cooked in years...I’m disgraced by myself. I feel like a horrible mom because I’m depressed and tired ALL the time. I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start!

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So many thoughts, so little headspace #overwhelmedbylife #ChronicPain #LupusWarrior

When I am being asked, how am I dealing with everything that is going on, how are you coping with chronic pain, how are you dealing with the changes? You have been so quiet lately... To be honest, I am really not, I am just so overwhelmed and tired of speaking into deaf ears, that I stopped talking about it

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Need a brake

Not a person to complain about anything or nothing at all! But #imfeelingtheburnout I adore my job, as a frontline nurse who's battled covid-19, and had it myself. But past 3 days I have felt the drained, exhausted, overwhelming feeling. I spent the past 3 days at work crying because I feel so disconnected from the world! To point where I feel like am fading away.. and I'm not on earth.. bare in mind I do have borderline personality disorder. I can't stop overthinking 😪 my anxiety, I beg for it to stop I bed people to just follow rules so we can end this in July, because im fighting my own battles with mental health now.. ill admit iv sat and thought of harming myself or suicide.
Bye 😭😭😪😢😥



Between work, school, and family I am finding it so hard to balance everything. I am so overwhelmed. Currently trying to keep up with classes while working almost the entire weekend and having my family set up for Christmas for the first time without me. Its heartbreaking because I want to be there for them and I know they are disappointed. All this while getting constantly drilled about choosing a college and applying for scholarships and getting community service hours, etc. I am loosing my mind and I feel like I am about to break. #overwhelmedbylife #overwhelmed #Depression #Anxiety #help


Emotions over the top, every turn is wrong

My mom passed away a couple weeks ago, I’m sad. I didn’t get to see her before she passed. She’s in a care center and COVID made it impossible. I’m sad.
I’m away from my home, in another state, caring for my dad, who has COPD. He didn’t get to see her either, even though we tried. I’m doubly sad.
I’ve been away from my home for over 2 months now and I don’t miss my narcissistic husband. I’m sad.
I think I have any to divorce my narcissus husband. I’m sad.
I had a fight with my daughter. She doesn’t like me telling her not to yell at my grandson. I went overboard with my words now she thinks I think she’s a shit mom. I really don’t, I think she is awesome. But she doesn’t believe me now. I’m sad.
I’m sad, I’m lonely, I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m overwhelmed with emotions that I can’t sort out! I’m just really super sad.

#Depression #Sadness
#notcoping #overwhelmedbylife #needanewstart


I want to burrow for the rest of the winter #Depression

I feel completely overwhelmed by life - I am wildly disengaged and apathetic. I cannot get myself out of bed to do basic tasks or even self care. My birthday is coming up, which is the anniversary of when I left my abusive husband after attempting suicide three years ago. I feel terrible and I wish I could sleep and only wake up when my life is “better”. It’s been three years and I cannot seem to move forward. #Depression #Anxiety #overwhelmedbylife

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#feelingaloneandlost #overwhelmedbylife #Divorce #BrainFog #confused #breakdown #Depression #Insomnia #Procrastination

Been feeling really lost. Used to go through life happy and active.Very motivated to workout and enjoy art and nature. Outdoors. Lots of Traveling and very functional. Made some choices about work. Felt overwhelmed as a supervisor. Quit and went to different company then found myself laid off for a long time. Then conflicts between wife and my immediate family triggered a mental breakdown. Separation, moved out. Insomnia. Guilt. Self blame. Constant Suicidal thoughts. A week in mental hospital. A year and a half later, many meds, TMS. I still have trouble sleeping. Making simple decisions. Barely hanging on. Not thinking clearly. Feel like I’m in a constant fog. No stability. No roots. Everything is in storage. Alone in a hotel room, currently trying to work some labor job. Feel clumsy and everything feels wrong. Job is dirty and bad for health. At this point in my life (50) I feel like I should be so much better than this. Feel like a failure. Traveling and pretending things are ok. Not organized. Can’t seem to move forward. Can’t seem to create a change or a routine or a vision of my future. Can’t sleep well. No motivation or joy in activities or outdoors. So much confusion and self doubt. Want to be positive but feel like I have lost my way and my cognitive ability. I must make big decisions about divorce. About work. About life. Don’t know what to do or how long I can keep this up! Keep thinking like I want a do over. How to regain control of my life?


I’m newly diagnosed with fibro.I’ve been having trouble balancing life, husband, a 4 year old daughter and fibro. How do you all handle it? #

#Fibromyalgia #overwhelmedbylife #newlydiagnosed #needadvice