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    Mania & Oversharing

    Hi everyone. I’m experiencing mania and have been struggling with over sharing very personal info (even with people I’ve just met). Now I’m totally embarrassed, and worried that I’ve chased them off by doing this! #Bipolar2Disorder #Hypomania #oversharing

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    Does anyone else over share and then regret it and wish you could disappear or is it just me? 🤷‍♀️
    #oversharing #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression


    I've gotten feedback that my conversation topics are often negative & repetitive. How can I be more genuinely positive in my interactions with people?

    I have anxiety and adhd and have kind of always felt like life is a struggle. Throw in the series of unfortunate events throughout my life and I am pretty much chronically stressed. Of course good things also happen but generally I am in a state of anxiety and worry. My mind is usually focused on feeling that I'm not doing enough or I'm going to fail at something or I'm not being a good friend, roommate, daughter, sister, partner, employee, etc. So when I make an effort to sound excited when I talk to people, it feels completely unnatural. Almost like I'm incapable of grasping the happiness I could be feeling. Or sometimes like I feel uncomfortable showing too much emotion. Maybe because it'll be like - yes I finally got a job but now I'm scared to death of failing. Yes, I can afford an apt in the city now but what if I lose my job and is this really a good idea?? I'm not going to be able to save as much money and it won't leave much room for fun or to help my family. My usual response to how I'm doing is usually negative unless I make an intentional effort to say something good. It does eventually seem to push people away or at least frustrate those I'm lucky that they accept me and stick around. My therapist literally once asked me, can you think of something good in your life? Which really irritated me because she made me feel guilty about my feelings and in that case she missed the point of what I was saying. I told her of course I can. All these good things are happening, but I still feel like this. Fyi I take a mood stabilizer and adhd medication. I sometimes wonder if it's the medicine but I think I was like this even before it.
    #Anxiety #ADHD #negativity #NegativeThoughts #oversharing #relationshipsandanxiety

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    I don’t like myself when I drink. #Alcohol #Anxiety #unhappy #oversharing

    Feeling really anxious, I don’t like the person I become when I drink whilst unhappy, I get dramatic, I get emotional, I start over share personal things, I also seem to become involved in gossiping, which I really don’t like! I basically turn into everything that I don’t like about person. I know that it is because deep down I am struggling, and I need to give myself some empathy, I’m just wondering if anyone else on here feels the same way or does the same things? Lately I thought I was getting better, but this weekend it happened again... #Alcohol #cryforhelp #Anxiety


    Sometimes I speak too much #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    When I was little my English teacher called me chatterbox, because I've ever been a very talkative person. But since I was diagnosed in 2019 with BPD and with therapy I discovered all the amount of abuse, toxic relationships and negliecence I've lived in my life and a lot of times I'm scared speaking and telling too much about me. The first 7 months of 2019 are the worst period of my life: I was actively suicidal, I've a lot of flasbacks, I started cutting, two times a week I escaped from my classroom and teacher must bring me and I've a lot of violent (towards me obviously) mental breakdowns, sometimes in front of everyone. I was in a very bad mental space and for this reason I overshared a lot and I felt very embarassed of this. Now I don't overshare so much, but sometimes I tell too much to people. My bf, when we were only friend, the first weeks of friendship, has known yet about my traumas and my self-harm behaviour, because I put every part of my identity in BPD and cutting. Now that my BPD is in remission, I'm trying control myself, but when I'm nervous or very excited this is pretty difficult and at the end I think I'm a disaster and people doesn't like speak to me. Sometimes I speak so much that I feel that I'm going to collapse. My bf says that I'm an earthquake😂 someone can relate?
    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #oversharing #Selfharm #Trauma #Abuse #CheckInWithMe

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    Hi everyone! I’m brand new here. One of my (many) issues is transparency. I over share information I should not. Suggestions?#oversharing


    #MenstrualMania !!!

    You’ve all heard of Wrestle Mania. Now introducing: MENSTRUAL MANIA!!!! YeeeeaaHHHHH!!!
    Does anyone else feel manic during their cycle? My cycle is very linked to the actual Lunar cycle, so my #PMDD is directly influenced by the Moon. During Full Moons, I “werewolf and go wild.” During New Moons, everything feels heavy, I get very depressed and #Avoidant and sleep a lot. I don’t know if it’s the holiday season, or what, but this cycle has been a f-ing rollercoaster! Was super depressed for days leading up to my period, woke up today feeling like a cork and my bed was a bottle of champagne. Probably #oversharing , but yep!