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Dear society, I have 6 non-romantic system partners and it’s not made up | TW erasure #venting

Dear society,

Please stop making all of your information on
"love" advice for romantic couples or just
throuples. Please stop assuming that only couples exist. And please stop assuming that
everyone has or wants a partner or feels
romantic/sexual attraction to someone. It's very
annoying! I'm queerplatonic with all of my 6, yes 6, partners. Not romantic, but more than platonic. It’s real.

Please stop assuming that our
partners are either a boy or a girl. I have one wife, two non-binary spouses, and
three non-married non-binary partners.

Don't tell me to choose one. Don't ask me who I
like more because I like all of them equally and
that's that. Don't tell me my partners are "made
up" because we're in a system.

Oh, and one last thing. Please stop making Valentine’s Day look like it’s solely a romantic holiday. Because that’s very annoying also. The most important thing is loving yourself above anything else. Not everyone experiences love to others.

A non-binary man who is tired of this
amatonormativity and monogamy-centered
society /neg /vsrs

#feelingerased #LGBTQIA #polyamorous #polyaffectionate #erasure #DearSociety #ThislsMe #tired #system #ValentinesDay #Important #Anxiety #erasure #queerplatonic

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#Depression and #Polyamory

I'm #polyamorous and#depressed as hell. Watching each of my boyfriends' approaches is fascinating. One is determined to be there for me and do whatever he can to alleviate my pain. The other finds it harder to sympathize (I think because he's afraid of pitying me), but is down to get into the nitty gritty of emotional evaluation and growth talks. I've always said one of the perks of #Polyamory is that your partners can coordinate and tag out so they don't get burnt out on supporting you... Now if only I can keep my #PTSD and #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder from driving these two wonderful men away. :(