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    Helpful Positive Activities!

    As the heavy stuff of life hits the fan I find positive activities to ground me.

    I have to.

    I'm so scared about giving my video statement to the police about the horrific things I saw/ lived through as a child.
    Yes I am scared. But I also feel empowered, I am doing all I can to save the lives and souls of children.
    To stop them is to save children I'll never meet.. always praying that get each little one gets safety, protection and innocence in ways I never did!

    Im finding the only way to control my brain from running through every flashback-flim I have to keep my mind active 24/7 yet can only seem to focus for minutes at a time..
    This form of diagram seem much easier for me than any other kind of gratitude list or spider diagram.
    They are also really visually effective, which means you feel a sense of achievement when you have finished one.

    Positive practice is the Only way I've managed to cope over the years..

    What is one tip, tool or technic that help you stay positive???

    #MightyTogether #copingskills #Depression #Mania #PTSD #mightyartist #artheals #positivematras #positive #Selfcare #positiveoutlook #CPTSD #MightyQuestions #Survivor #warrior


    Did something fun last night/this morning

    Hi everyone! i’m extremely new to this app and this was the first group that caught my attention so here goes nothing i guess :)
    last night i decided to take a walk (in an attempt to exhaust myself enough to get some sleep) but when i got home i found that i was still pretty awake. at first i was stressed and just wanted to sleep, but then i realized “i don’t have anything to do tomorrow” so i could catch up on the missed zzz’s if i wanted, or if i couldn’t fall asleep- my lack of it wouldn’t affect anything i had going on.
    with that being said, i decided to give myself a tattoo ive been planning/wanting for a fair bit of time now and i’m so happy with the outcome! it’s an outline of two trees with a sun behind it and i’m so happy with how it turned out!
    sometimes i hate being an insomniac, but on the bright side, it does give me extra quiet time to do things i don’t have the energy for in the day :) #positiveoutlook #Art


    Sunday Morning ##depressed #positiveoutlook #Anxiety

    October 20, 2019...the time is 7:00 AM, I’m in my boyfriend’s truck on our way home from house sitting at his folks house. The sun is rising, the autumn colors are becoming more vibrant as the light hits them, it’s beautiful...so why am I suddenly filled with so much sorrow and anxiety?
    My heart rate rapidly picks up pace and my head begins to fill with those unpleasant thoughts and sayings...”kill yourself,” “everything would be better without you..” “no one REALLY cares about you, ya know?” The logical part of my brain tells me that these things aren’t true and it’s just my brain playing tricks on me, but oh how believable it all sounds when I’m in a mentally vulnerable state. I hold the thoughts off and sweep them under the “rug” in my mind, everything is fine until we get home. My boyfriend is leaving to go fishing all day with his friend, it was a beautiful day for it too. I wanted to be cool and calm like I normally am, but all those feelings I swept away suddenly came gushing out of me...I go quiet, I start to lose control of my breathing and the tears begin to roll down my face.
    I do my best to hide it from him, but he knows me to well and catches on, to make a long story short, I convinced him I was okay...but I wasn’t. Truthfully, the second he shut that door, I grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and walked over to the couch and sat down. I held it against my left wrist for 20 minutes, traced my veins with it...all while thinking, “one good jab in and drag across my arm, I could be done with it all. All the hurt” but let’s be honest, I’m not “ballsy” enough to take my own life. I have a mind that wants to die but a body that wants to live. How do you over come that? It’s an ongoing battle.

    While I sat there and contemplated my life and death all while still holding that knife in my hand, my dog came downstairs (I love animals) he looked at me and licked my tear soaked face as if to say “it’s okay, I love you always. Even at your “ugliest” moments.” Between the anxiety attack and suicidal thoughts, my body calmed ever so slightly that I laid down, curled up and soon after passed out from mental and emotional exhaustion.

    It’s 4:30 PM, I wake up from a 7 hour nap, I have many texts from my boyfriend checking in on me, telling me how much he loves me and that it’ll be okay, I still have the knife in my hand as well. In an exhausted state, I get up and put it back...it’s good I didn’t roll around much. That could’ve been dangerous.

    For a moment, I forget what I was feeling. I forget that 7 hours ago I wanted nothing more than to end my life, I hated my existence. And it all seemed so surreal. But I was okay. My boyfriend came home and held me close. Thank goodness for him. Thank god for my nap, because somedays I don’t know if I’d survive this life.


    Hello Heidi and MIghty Community!

    I am Anita some folks call me Silver. I was diagnosed with #MyastheniaGravis about a year ago. I've found great support and community here in The Mighty.
    It has been a real life-changer for me; my retirement is not going exactly as I had always dreamed it would, but we are adjusting.
    I am a retired high school teacher, mother of 3, grandmother of 5. My husband is the best caretaker a person could ask for, I think he is amazing!
    I enjoy writing (it is my therapy), sewing, gardening when I am able to do it, and music.
    A #positiveoutlook is a key to dealing with this chronic disease.