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To anyone else feeling ALONE today ......

Sometimes I enjoy being alone and like my own space but right now at times its not a good feeling, the more quiet and peaceful it is the more my head runs .....then I feel the overwhelming feeling of being alone and isolated although everyone is suffering the same situations.....
Doesn't feel like it's going to be a very good day .
So to anyone else feeling alone today or scared or anxious and isolated reach out and let's try help each other .....
Reach out Mighties ♡♡♡
#CheckInWithMe #lonely #Endometriosis #Anxiety #Depression #youmatter #youarenotalone #reachout #WeCare #mighties

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To care and protect #Protect #WeCare

This photo is for Sally (@sals7) and everyone else who needs it...

Even the tiniest mushrooms can be protected. And in protection cared for.
So certainly you are protected from afar dear Sally. We can't be beside you, but we are here at The Mighty.

For the next 5 days I'll be here only for a short time every day, because I'll be in a cabin without wifi. But I will think of you all and especially of the brave woman who often make me smile.
You go Sally...


#Depression #reachingout #WeCare #Support

Please don’t get me wrong. Messages of support are so appreciated and grateful for them. But coming from strangers, what does it mean? What value is there? We don’t even know each other? I guess it’s the same as in groups like AA. And coming from the same familu and friends who have hurt amd disappointed you? It’s like theyre just cleaning their conscience. I’m sorry but I’m at the end of it.


Learning about disability, why bash them?

I've never been able to understand those that bash others who are confused and trying to learn about others disabilities, not only are you being rude, your not helping with the stigma. People who bash those trying to learn can put a setback in people's learning. You can't expect them to "just get it" and then turn around mad when they get it wrong. Its contradictive, uncalled for and is unfair to the others who have the condition. How? people can start stigmatized "they can be mean" and when you get irritated its a confirmation "they ARE mean" and it furthers the stigma. Learning is a process of trial and error before understanding, no one can fully understand before explanation or on the first try usually. Think carefully before you reply, have a level head, remember they don't know, and show you are no threat. While there are those who can be like that, most people are kind and recognize you ARE TRYING and you CARE which can make us feel like we have a voice being heard. Keep asking, keep looking, keep trying, don't give up. We hear you!
love ya

##wehearyou #BeStrong #keepgoing #EndTheStigma #WeCare #learning #bringeachotherup #beuplifting #weareallhuman #weareallinthistogether

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Minutes Silence

The one minute silence is due to be held at 11am on Tuesday 28 April. In the UK

The event coincides with International Workers’ Memorial Day, an annual observance that pays tribute to workers who have become unwell, injured, disabled or have died due to their work.

The hashtag for the campaign to use on social media is #neverforgotten #NeverAlone #HealthCare #NHS #busdrivers #Careworkers #Frontline #minutessilence #tears #global #Around #Aroundtheworld #Internationalworkersmemorialday #WeCare

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