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    Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

    Thought I'd share this here in case if anyone is looking for a job. Something you might want to try is an employment agency that's specifically set up to help people with disabilities find work. Galt Foundation is a good option for this because they usually have lots of postings for different jobs and skill levels, and you can do full-time or part-time. Plus, they work with people one-on-one and do coaching/mentoring if needed. And there's benefits like vacation, sick pay, and health insurance on some assignments.

    #NowHiring #Jobs #RemoteJobs #JobSearch #disabilityemployment

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    Community Voices

    Remote jobs for anxiety? #CheckInWithMe

    I’m noticing that being in a work environment is one of my biggest triggers. I’m at my best when I’m working at home. As we move closer to “normal”, and I use that term loosely, I realize it’s best for me to continually work from home. Does anyone have suggestions. I don’t believe I can continue at my current role because its hybrid, and home days are so much better for me.
    #RemoteJobs #JobSearch #Anxiety

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    Not Sure How Best to Prepare For a Phone Interview After 8yrs Out of Work

    <p>Not Sure How Best to Prepare For a Phone Interview After 8yrs Out of Work</p>
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    We need to stop glorifying "Working under Pressure" in every workplace

    I don't know how they can do it, because I can't, not with my current state of mental health. I used to think that I can. Back when I was in college, I was part of a highly competitive class and quality work was always expected from each one. Back then, working under pressure meant pulling out all nighters just to get things done before deadlines, or surviving three exams for different classesin a single day. It wasn't easy, but I was young, healthy and motivated. I was usually rewarded at the end of the semester with a fairly high grade. That was before. Then my mental health failed me. Then I graduated and landed a job.

    I didn't realize how poorly I actually worked under pressure until I started to get anxiety attacks upon facing a tight deadline. I had to change my ringtones every now and then just so I don't get phantom calls from my boss or any of our clients. I shrink at the end of the phone line every time a client rants without remorse. My heart beats fast as my brain slows down when I am asked a question that I was not prepared for. Eventually, pulling up all nighters for me meant a whole day or two of flu like symptoms. I am already filled with dread whenever I am assigned to do any specialized task. All my mind and body wants to do now is rest.

    How is my mental health through all this? Obviously it went downhill. But I didn't know how lower it could go or how much longer I can take it without breaking down. I have failed to equip myself with the proper coping mechanisms and self care strategies to keep myself afloat through all this. I constantly put off seeing a mental health specialist and getting proper diagnosis just because I want to stay neurotypical, even though i know, deep down that I am not.

    Working under pressure is a value that has been prized by most capitalist industries for the past few decades because it is the value that brings out results. But niw we know that it is no longer the most optimal way to work. Yes, it brings out the results, but it can also bring out the worst in people - low quality outputs, physical stress symptoms, anxious thoughts and emotions, strained relationships, poor decision making, burnout. This list can go on. There may be very few special people who can actually work under pressure for their whole career, but will always choose not to. I do hope that the disruptions caused by the current global pandemic can also bring an end to glorifying this unhealthy workplace value. I can only hope that future workplaces would choose to strive for quality with less pressure.

    #Anxiety #Pressure #WorkAnxiety #Workplace #JobSearch #Procrastination #Burnout

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    Community Voices

    A Downside of World Travels

    I'm trying to apply for jobs (still) and I keep running up against major anxiety while writing cover letters. There was a great job opportunity for which the application was due today. I spent three hours last night and managed to write four sentences on my cover letter.

    This afternoon, I realized part of the problem: while my experience working overseas has made me uniquely qualified (in some ways) for the jobs I'm applying for, it also complicates things. I have employment references coming from three different countries. I don't have a straightforward or easy to follow employment history. I don't have all the accreditations and certificates that someone with my profession who has worked for their whole career in my home country.

    I am anxious because I don't know how to present myself coherently. I don't think employers will be willing to go the extra mile to consider someone like me with my complicated history. I feel devalued despite the fact that I think my experience should actually make me very valued - a big disconnect. And then I start drowning in the existentials - who am I? what am I even doing? what's the point?

    Feeling so frustrated.

    #Work #JobSearch #Anxiety

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    Community Voices

    What would be a good job for someone on the spectrum?

    I have a difficult time holding down jobs. Now that I have a diagnosis that I feel more confident and comfortable with it might actually be easier to find my niche. Anyway, I need to find a way to make money. Does anyone (Particularly fellow aspies) have recommendations on jobs that are both manageable and make a supportive income? #Autism #AutismEmployment #Jobs #Employment #Work #JobSearch

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    Community Voices

    How do I choose a career that I can handle?

    I am in my second year of college, and I’ve gone through about 3 majors, because I have no idea what I want to do, and I’m not particularly interested by anything that could be a career. I also don’t know how to choose a career that I would able to handle and be successful in as someone with bipolar disorder. I would appreciate any advise of what has worked for you guys! #BipolarDisorder #JobSearch #College

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    Community Voices

    Guilt about being unemployed

    Its been more than a year and I can't find a job, I've been studying further to improve my chances but nothing. I feel so guilty for leaving my job where I was unhappy. Guilty for not being able to look after myself. Makes me feel useless and I'm just a burden to anyone. I'm not worthy of getting love.

    Not getting a job makes it worse.

    Then in the other side I'm so scared of getting a new job, scared I won't be good enough and get fired. Scared that I won't be able to cope again.

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #unemployed
    #unworthy #JobSearch

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    Community Voices

    Due to being mentally unstable for periods of time, I have become what is known as a job hopper. Sometimes I leave jobs on bad terms due to mental instability, and have to clean up the mess afterwards. Other times I leave jobs on relatively good terms and have abused the ability to go back to those jobs when I have no other options left.

    I hate it because when applying for jobs I actually want, I feel like my employment history totally sucks, and nobody will ever hire me.

    I feel so alone, and so stupid, even though I've finally gotten on the right balance of medications and can handle a full time job now. I just hope someone sees the potential in me soon.

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    Community Voices

    I want to get a job. I want to make my own money. Big problem. Social anxiety and stress. Two things that make literally any task for me impossible. It’s hard because literally every job on this planet requires you to be social. Even the tiniest bit of social interaction can drain me and make me want to hide for days on end. I’m still in high school, so I can’t really find any big jobs out there just yet. So for now, I’m only looking for part time jobs. Does anyone have any recommendations? #SocialAnxiety #CheckInWithMe #Stress #Introvert #JobSearch

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