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New spoonie

Hi I'm new here on mighty. I just signed up yesterday but I already forgot how I came across this platform, thanks to my #BrainFog lol

It's been 2 years and 7 months since I contracted #COVID19 and have been suffering with #longcovid since then. Despite hearing all kinds of denials possible from doctors, now I am diagnosed with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis and #Fibromyalgia and many more. Not that the labels help with my symptoms, but they surely helped me look in the right direction when searching for possible #treatment plans.

I'm almost 40 and been #stuck at home mostly. I've recently been approved for a public transportation access link service so I'm planning on using that from time to time. I use a #Walker #Rollator and occasionally a #Cane when I go out to the doctors.

I guess I'm here to connect with others going through similar things whether it be a longcovid, PASC, fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, arthritis, spinal stenosis, or more symptom-specifically #HypersomnolenceDisorder #Hypersomnia #PeripheralNeuropathy #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue
I am quite new to this #Spoonie life and trying my best here.

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does anyone have any tips for bags? I’m struggling to find something that can attach to a rollator and carry a backpack worth of stuff?



#mobility #mobilitydevices #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Arthritis #Wheelchair #Rollator #Walker

My actual question is wondering how to approach my primary about prescribing mobility devices. During flare ups, I have days where I really should be using a scooter or walker. I acquire a Rollator on my own, and it's wonderful. My husband plans to go with me as an advocate. What do we say?


Finding humor within your disability

Tonight, I spoke to a friend of mine. She has stage 4 cancer and is in great spirits. I told her that since I became disabled, I am having an identity crisis. I have worked since I was 16 legally. Before that, I helped around the house and farm. Not being able to work a regular job is numbing.

I mentioned my self Identity issue and anhedonia (a type of depression in which nothing excites you much anymore). My friend said it sounds like " And he don't like ...." I got tickled and laughed so hard, I cried. We also talked about what you called the walkers with seats. I told her rollator and she laughed and said that it sounded like something that would roll on top of you.

Anyway, I guess you had to be there. My life needs more laughs so I will take it. #Depression #anhedonia #Rollator #laughteristhebestmedicine