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Those days

#tired #lowenergy #Aches #Fatigue #Sleepy

Some days your up and some days well IT is one of those days.


However this one is for you and you need IT

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I’m new here!

I just recently got diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after going back and forth about it. Thyroid problems run in my family and knew something was up. I had blood work done, and my TSH level was at 4.767 out of the range bar that goes to the highest of 4.780. Last year at this time it was 1.119 (somewhere along those lines). Why did this change in a year ? He said it was fine, I begged to differ. I have known many people with “high normal” results and ended up having to go to a specialist bc even though it was in range, it was still high. I also went back and forth with him about taking synthroid. I knew it was needed. At first he said no, then I had really raise my voice and explain to him how I have every symptom and will not be ignored of it. He gave me the medicine, starting at 25 mg daily. Why do doctor’s question And argue some of the basic things? I almost felt as an inconvenience. What side effects of hypothyroidism do people suffer the most?

#HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Doctor #Sleepy #Noenergy Puzzled #


So Much to Say, No Energy #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder anxiety #stressed #Depression #tired #Sleepy

I have so much I need to get off my chest, but they were supposed to move us to another room Monday or Tuesday, so I haven't gotten much sleep, because I kept expecting they'd wake me up and we'd have to leave early. Today, I couldn't stand being in bed any longer, even though I'd had very little sleep, and I haven't gotten out in four or five days. I begged my boyfriend to give me an extra $20 so I could get gas and eat at my favorite restaurant, because I wanted to get away. He said no. Everyday, he says no, even though I haven't been out, and he'd give me $20 on the days I didn't go out, if I had. He can get beer. I'm drowsy, but trying to stay awake (having a tea) so I can see my cats tonight.

I'm going crazy. I need to get away from this man. I need help. I need a house, all my cats, and all my stuff.

I called my psychiatrist today, and the office called back to reschedule. The guy told me I needed to pay a "significant" amount of what I owe. I gave my boyfriend $20 at the beginning of the month and it was when I got this call that I found out my boyfriend never sent or took the money! I messaged my boyfriend after the call, and he didn't answer for a bit, but then told me he sent $40 to them "late last week," but I'm not to tell them. First of all, I don't believe for a second that he sent it before. I think he sent it today, after I told him. Second, I don't think my psychiatrist will consider $40 a "significant" part of what I owe.

The cat place I was told to call and apply to hadn't called in many days, so I called them. I got no answer and started to leave a message, and then another call came in, and a little kid picked up. I talked a little, asking the kid who he/she was, and soon I heard a voice and the phone hung up. I Googled the number, and it was the lady who was supposed to help me's other phone. I understand if she was busy, but I'm wondering if she's been avoiding me. I don't know to wait long, because it's kitten season, and my boyfriend won't help me. Nobody cares if I'm ripped apart.


If I need to go somewhere where I know people will just add to my feeling down, I often become very #Sleepy and #tired . Does it happen to you?

It seems to me like a defense mechanism my body has.

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I need a nap!! 💤😴💤

So here I am, attempting an afternoon siesta because yet again my HUMAN over here is what I think is morphing into some sort of vampire. I mean really, she could also benefit from the beauty sleep that I am being deprived of lately. Just sayin 🤭 #MightyPets #Insomnia #tired #Sleepy #nap #tobytyler


lil broken

i hope i can say "no" easy. i hope i have that confidence. im not saying i dont want to help, im sometimes feel so tired even if i don't do lots of work. just being with people and talk can drained me. i may seem exaggerated for bunch of things, im very emotional and get hurt easy. im scared to say no, but very upset if i do the thing. im tired. i hope i can live alone and help myself healing. i want to cry and disappeare. im so sensitive. the boredom also kills me, surrounded by people and can't get out, fake my feelings dont make mental health better. i write it @2:32 am in my country. im so sleepy but scared about tomorrow after argued w my sister. im so weak. damn, this is exhausted. #Sleepy

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Tired 😓

So I’ve had Lupus for 20 years now I was dx at the age of 8. I can’t believe it’s been so long and I’ve made it, it wasn’t easy and I didn’t do it alone. I got through with family, child hood doctors and many tantrums. It wasn’t easy at any point still isn’t, it’s only gotten more complicated. Can you imagine how many times in a week I wake up and think 🤔 gosh, I bet it’d just be easier to die now. All my pain and life worries would be gone I wouldn’t be a live burden on my mom just a dead one on her and my siblings. Every time something happens I sort of selfishly wonder is this it, is it over? Then I remember how hurt my mom and younger siblings and niece how hurt they would be, I’m not really scared to die I’m scared of leaving them alone to suffer without me. I’m 27 yrs old I’ve been through so much more then most people twice my age experience in a life time being chronically ill isn’t for the faint of heart. I’ve delt with so much I could write my own mini novel. I’m tired 😓 I’m exhausted 😩 and ready to be done mentally. But I can’t I’ve got little people watching my every move. I know why people commit suicide they feel like they been backed into a corner and cut off from everyone and all sources of pain. I’ve been there one too many times I’m exhausted in more way then one #tired #Food #cook #Sleepy #Exausted #Suicide #suicidal #mentally done

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#Goodmorning #Music #depressed #exhausted #tired #Sleepy

Muted my tv & turned on my YouTube "like" playlist.......continuing whee it left off helps make it better.......i need my music......#Metal #5FDP & #HardRock #SOUNDGARDEN & #RHCP & #EVERLAST