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Autism Rant #Caregiver #Parent #ASD #speech challenge #frustrated #Irritated #triggeralert

I feel like I live in an alternate dimension reading about all these “surprise autism diagnoses “ as adults all these temple grandins who are business people in relationships acting etc.. let me tell you about my experience. My son is six. He uses a hone version of a soma bed because he has zero safety awareness. He sleeps naked cause he can’t deal with Pjs god only knows we try . He owes in his bed almost every night (usually in his balled up pjs after he takes them off) he speaks minimally . He frustrates painfully- he has so much inside him that he can’t get out. He can’t tolerate a toothbrush. He needs outrageous amounts of visual stimuli think two iPads at all times with competing YouTube clips. His behavior is challenging on a good day - forget a mask I can’t often get him to wear a seatbelt. So either I’m the worst mother ever, my kid is the sickest out there, no one is honest or autism is over diagnosed I’m so frustrated by tbe dilution of services for the I/dd population by kids in mainstream environments.
Apologies if I hurt someone feelings
#rant #nojudgement #trigger #ASD #specialed #I /dd


Public thanks #COVID #specialed #Kindness #School #Parenting

My son was randomized for Covid testing this week, I took him tonight. They were so respectful of his needs and challenges and he came up negative HURRAY


Today was horrible and I need encouragement #ASD #cowdens #Parenting #specialed #Caregiver

I had an absolutely horrible day. Problem #1 it started at 4am
2. At 8am sonny boy used the bathroom- the entire bathroom the toilet, floor, walls bathroom tissue box, step stool for an epic bowel movement (poop storm) I had heard the toilet flush... I didn’t see the problem till after his bed, and more were totally disgusting it took well over an hour to clean the mess
3. Hubby was away (unavoidably) for the weekend
4. This ONLY happens when school is closed... so thank you to the nameless, faceless policy makers who think bars are essential but special Ed schools are not
5. My MIL called to find out how I am and I sobbed and sobbed and I feel so dumb

#Encourageme #givemestrength #hard day #dysregulation #Caregiving