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Swallowing and speech problems are common with MS — How to manage them?

Swallowing is something that's so automatic, we take it for granted. Until something changes. Dr. Marissa Barrera joins me to discuss common MS-related speech & swallowing issues -- and what you can do to improve them.

Jon Strum on X

#SwallowingProblems #speech #MightyTogether #MultipleSclerosis #Disability #ChronicIllness #newlydiagnosed #Caregiving #Fatigue

Jon Strum on X

https://t.co/b4RCjfDnuY Swallowing is something that's so automatic, we take it for granted. Until something changes. Dr. Marissa Barrera joins me to discuss common MS-related speech & swallowing issues -- and what you can do to improve them. On RealTalk MS #MultipleSclerosis
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Speech messed up

Does anyone else experience slurred speech, broken speech, unable to speak, words disappear? I never know what to expect.
I'm so sick of this. Sound like an idiot then some people treating me like it. Tired of bring treated differently. I'm still me inside. I want the chaos in my head to stop. I want to speak like I used to without vices.
I'm trying to understand why it happens. Thinking, processing, answering questions finding information, tiredness, pain. My speech gets messed up and pressure in my head. If I don't stop what I'm doing next I know I'm waking up.
Yesterday I was trying to do a cognitive test for a job. I want to go back to work. There has to be a way. Something I can do. I feel useless. The pressure started in my head. I felt drugged. I fell asleep or blacked out?
I got to 26 questions out of 50.
The test was timed. I remember seeing #26 and 4 seconds left. Then waking up. Feel defeated.
I don't want to sound ungrateful. I just want old me back.
When Im relaxed I sound like the old me. When I'm stressed tired or pain or excited it starts. the pressure, the fatigue, the bad speech.
If I take my gummies or drink cannabis tea I think I sound like the old me before the accident.
I wish I could be that all the time.
#TBI #speech #BrainInjury

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World Voice Day post #WVD

Well, before World Voice Day ends, I guess I should follow through on my impulse this morning to post something about it, spawned by a suggestion from the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association. I guess I should start with I don't actually have a diagnosis for my vocal spasms and the related breathing, and sometimes swallowing issues, #Undiagnosed but SD was one of the working assumptions by several people in my life (medical professional and otherwise) for a long time. I've been questioning if we got it right recently, but am not sure I'll ever really know, given the lack of specialists arouhd here, and several other factors. Or, for that matter, how much good it would do me, other than just knowing, given the lack of research and knowledge that exists on some of the other possibilities.
#Dystonia #VocalCordDysfunction

Anyways, combined with some of the #CPTSD #Trauma #PTSD issues, and the #Autism and #AdultDiagnosis and #SensoryProcessingDisorder #SensoryIntegration issues, I've been dealing with voice issues, and difficulties with #speech and #SpeechDisorders all my life. It was only by giving up on speech as my main method of communication that I was able to learn that there was a purpose for speech, and that it sometimes did have its' uses. #CommunicationDisorders after many years of using AAC for any communication situation I wasn't comfortable in, I am slowly coming to see that not only is speech not the enemy, nor is communication as a whole, but that despite my #CentralAuditoryProcessingDisorder , sometimes I do also prefer to hear certain people's voices, and communicate with them in real time, and through this very difficult medium (for me) with them.

Having been allowed to take control of how I communicate in communicative situations has made a world of difference for me, and changed my whole perspective on socialization on general. Especially as diversity is becoming more accepted in society (mostly. Don't get me started on the backsliding I see happening during COVID!) so that there is less animosity and more patience exhibited by society when they see me using AAC.


Autism Rant #Caregiver #Parent #ASD #speech challenge #frustrated #Irritated #triggeralert

I feel like I live in an alternate dimension reading about all these “surprise autism diagnoses “ as adults all these temple grandins who are business people in relationships acting etc.. let me tell you about my experience. My son is six. He uses a hone version of a soma bed because he has zero safety awareness. He sleeps naked cause he can’t deal with Pjs god only knows we try . He owes in his bed almost every night (usually in his balled up pjs after he takes them off) he speaks minimally . He frustrates painfully- he has so much inside him that he can’t get out. He can’t tolerate a toothbrush. He needs outrageous amounts of visual stimuli think two iPads at all times with competing YouTube clips. His behavior is challenging on a good day - forget a mask I can’t often get him to wear a seatbelt. So either I’m the worst mother ever, my kid is the sickest out there, no one is honest or autism is over diagnosed I’m so frustrated by tbe dilution of services for the I/dd population by kids in mainstream environments.
Apologies if I hurt someone feelings
#rant #nojudgement #trigger #ASD #specialed #I /dd


#speech reading

It's been a year. Doctors still don't have window masks without me getting bitchy and doing th eff footwork for them. I am more deaf than not. I makes Very sad and yes depressed and more isolated.


I’m working on a speech about life after a suicide attempt, I want to tell my story but I also want to tell others. Anyone who wants to help,

Please message me. I want to do phone interviews or text will work. I want to express the troubles and the trials of living after an attempt. #SucidePrevention #speech


Fibromyalgia and anxiety

If anyone would have told me add end a basket of nerves I would never believe them. Of late I have noticed that my speech is in slow motion it's like the amygdala (front lobe) and my speech is disconnected. I am freaking out.

My nerves are anxious, I want to run but to where I don't know. I have to get out of my house which I don't usually do because it feels like trembling with anxiety. What happened to me? This has such a negative view of my future it's hard to bear. I am sitting on bench watching the world go by.

#Fibromyalgia #Anxiety
attacks #BrainFog #speech #pace