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Words of encouragement? #CheckInWithMe

If you’ve been following along, I had a new doctors appointment last week, and the follow up is tomorrow. I can feel that the meds aren’t doing enough, and as I’m on the highest dose allowed, the next step is most likely surgery. Depending on the surgery, I might miss out on graduation- something I’ve worked super hard to get to.

The doctor basically said surgery is the next step herself last week- she just wanted to run more tests before deciding on anything concrete.

Anyway, I’m really nervous and my anxiety is taking me down some wild paths, so I thought I’d ask for some encouragement here. (You guys are honestly really good at that!) So please, tell me something good, a nice pick-me-up quote, or a funny joke! I’d really appreciate it!

#CheckInWithMe #Support #Advice #AdviceWelcome #joke #Quotes #quote #encouragementiswelcome #Encourageme

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I am in the hospital. I Have Cancer. #Encourageme

Hello, Mighty Warriors! After being treated by my GI for a horrible IBS-D flare for 4.5 months, I was admitted into the hospital yesterday evening. As it turns out, I have cancer that has mestastized to my liver.

Two weeks ago, I became severely dehydrated and my husband took me to the ER. Through labs and a CT scan, I learned I had some type of liver disease. Yesterday, I had the recommended MRI and discovered it was cancer that had mestastized to my liver. Today, I’ll have a liver biopsy and more labs to find out where the cancer is originating from. It’s hidden. I am also expecting a visit from an oncologist later. How did I get here? Is there anything I could’ve done better? Did I not accurately describe my weakness, horrific stomach cramps, burning, spasms, and explosions in the bathroom? Was my 54 lb+ weight loss not enough to warrant more action earlier? What role did COVID-19 play? I ask because other doctors who would only see me virtually because of my chronic diarrhea (a symptom of COVID-19). I keep replaying the last 4-5 months.

One thing’s for sure, I am thankful my husband finally took me to the ER, which got the ball rolling. This morning, I am preparing for the fight of my life. The hospital allows no visitors but docs have asked for an exception for my husband since I am hard of hearing. It’s very difficult to hear anyway and even harder with a “masked” healthcare team (who, by the way, have been wonderful and understanding). I really need him here with me. It’s a double whammy to get this news and then be whisked away.

Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

#IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #HardOfHearing #HearingLoss #Cancer #LiverCancer


Today was horrible and I need encouragement #ASD #cowdens #Parenting #specialed #Caregiver

I had an absolutely horrible day. Problem #1 it started at 4am
2. At 8am sonny boy used the bathroom- the entire bathroom the toilet, floor, walls bathroom tissue box, step stool for an epic bowel movement (poop storm) I had heard the toilet flush... I didn’t see the problem till after his bed, and more were totally disgusting it took well over an hour to clean the mess
3. Hubby was away (unavoidably) for the weekend
4. This ONLY happens when school is closed... so thank you to the nameless, faceless policy makers who think bars are essential but special Ed schools are not
5. My MIL called to find out how I am and I sobbed and sobbed and I feel so dumb

#Encourageme #givemestrength #hard day #dysregulation #Caregiving