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I had a port placed in the late fall to help manage hydration at home! Before I consented to the port I went over the pros and cons and decided that for me, a port was the best way to manage my high output #Stoma with severe #Dehydration .

I have been pleased with my decision and have found it to be way easier to manage dehydration at home than with outpatient IV appointments. I also am appreciating the break from repeated attempts to get an IV placed. Have any of you had a similar experience?


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Exciting new ventures!

I've been out of work since my health started to really decline in 2017. I hate it. Although I learned (and remind myself frequently) that my worth isn't measured on the money I earn or the hours I work, that doesn't mean I dont miss feeling productive and useful (not to mention bored out of my head).
In the last few months I have fallen in love with sewing and I learned that I am really good at it!!
I started off making bags and purses and similar accessories and many of my Facebook friends were urging me to start a business. But I mostly ignored them, thinking it friendly encouragement.
This week, 5 weeks post op from my stoma surgery I finally sat back at my sewing machine and the first thing I made was a stoma bag cover. Proud of my success I posted pictures both on my personal facebook and in the stoma and medical support groups I am part of. The likes and the comments started rolling in. In fact I was blown away with the response, almost a hundred likes on each post. And people kept asking me if I was selling.

So I've spent the last couple of days building a page, taking photos of all my fabric so people can choose the fabric they want (O learned I have a tone of fabric!). The orders are rolling in already. End of the day, and I am knackered. But I feel good!!!

I am going to have to be careful not to put too much workload on myself, but I think this is what I have been needing. A small business, where I can set my own hours, take breaks when needed and genuinely help people, as I know stoma bag covers and catheter bag covers and other accessories for medical stuff is important to people (so far I have commissions for a syringe roll and a stoma bag supply roll). I doubt it will ever lead to lots of profits, but it will keep me busy, give me purpose and probably really help my mental health.

Anyway, Jen Bee Bags is officially open for business. Please feel free if you have read this far to head over to my page and give it a like and and a share.

#Stoma #stomabagcovers #Backtowork #MentalHealth #happy #Urostomy #Colostomy #illeostomy #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #InterstitialCystitis

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Hand made stoma bag cover.

Really proud of this. Finally felt well enough, 5 weeks post op for urostomy surgery, to sit at my sewing machine. And this stoma bag cover is the result. Really chuffed.
#Stoma #Urostomy #stomabagcover #proud


Living in a care/nursing facilty at a young age

Anyone else in this situation at a young agw willing to have a conversation and swap coping tips? I have a neurological disability, unconteolled chronic pain even with CD drugs, bladder incontinance, an ostomy, short gut syndrome, anxiety and depression, also a zest for life, a love of books and people in that order,... And a grumpy Scotrltish temperament! keen to talk to others in similar situation.
#carehome #Nursing #Pain #BladderIncontinence #Stoma


My recycling bin was emptied yesterday, and today my stoma supplies have arrived so it's a third full again 😂 they've sent me a ridiculous amount of stuff to go with only 30 bags, and I told them I didn't need wet wipes or disposal bags (due to the ridiculous amount they've sent last 2 times), but they've sent them anyway. I barely have room to even store everything 😅
And that's all I have to report today 😁 #Ostomy #Stoma #Ileostomy #IBD #Crohns #UlcerativeColitis

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