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    Am I hungry? stressed? exhausted? depressed?

    Who knows, certainly not me!

    #tired #exhausted #stressed #Stressedanddepressed

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    As I cling to what’s right and put through gaslighting dark psychology crap. I have literally pulled out all hair! I wish people would stop hurting me and blaming me I wish I could just leave

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    feel like I could smash my head off a brick wall!! does any one else get like this!!..??? arrrggghhhhhhhhhh

    IAM A NEW MUM OF 5 AND HALF OLD TWIN BOYS #Stressedanddepressed # alsoBlessed!


    I got back into #Selfharm and I’m starting to feel more paranoid and stressed. i feel like no one. I’m nothing important and my life has little value #suicidal #Depression #Stressedanddepressed


    Healthcare PTSD

    I work in a pediatric ICU as a respiratory therapist and the last few months have been really rough. Within one week I withdrew on 4 kids. It’s just been constant for us and as winter approaches, I know that it’ll continue. Sometimes I can not think about it but then other times it hits. you like a ton of bricks. I had just withdrawn on a kid last week when I told someone I don’t know how I can do this for the rest of my life. I love what I do but man, it really takes a mental toll on you. #HealthCare #Stressedanddepressed #PTSD



    I’m exhausted my elderly mother becomes aggressive and threats me and my child nonstop. I pulled reverse psychology and told I have no problem sticking my child in public school, because all she does is go on about money. Same reason I didn’t go on family vacation, I don’t have money but I can travel to the states. This is my house when she bought the apt we live in with my fathers mother inheritance money. Last year I gave her 1,500 of my money because I’m fed up of her saying it’s my house. It’s funny I know other elderly people that aren’t rude, don’t interrupt constantly, don’t need to be the center of attention, don’t suffer from OCD, don’t become aggressive when asked a question. I’m exhausted and the extent of my siblings help is we vacation with you but don’t physically help. When they come around , they brain wash her” She’s a gold digger’ when a I paid for my things. “She doesn’t do anything.” I feel sorry for them. I don’t care for cares comments . I have decided to ignore them.



    My best guy friend and my best girlfriend are together and I couldn’t be happier for them both. I mean I was rooting for their relationship and I wanted them to get together and now that they are I feel left out. I’m very understanding and I know they need alone time but I miss my friends. Their relationship has caused many people to show their true colors and it’s had her paranoid bc its her first relationship-ever- and she thinks everybody is either jealous of them or is waiting on their downfall. We haven’t been communicating as much as before bc of obvious circumstances however recently she asked me if I was upset at her and I said no that I just miss her. But she’s been acting weird around me and she keeps saying it’s me and she’s asking me if I have a problem with her and it’s really getting me annoyed because something inside me makes me believe that she thinks I’m acting like everyone else is about her relationship. And honestly I don’t know why she would think that bc i was their number 1 supporter. My anxiety levels are really out of control and I get so anxious when people don’t believe me when I say something the first time. My anxiety is really high and it’s making me distance myself bc I don’t want to be seen as a lier and shes continues to act weird around me and I’m trying my best to stay the same but I’m uncomfortable now. And I don’t know what to do or say. I don’t want to feel like I have to force a friendship but she’s making it seem like I have to go out of my way to do everything and that’s overwhelming because she’s the one who is extremely occupied and has a boyfriend and I’m just here. I’m stressedz. I might be overthinking it idk! #Anxiety #Stressedanddepressed


    Stress leads to depression episode

    I’ve noticed over the last few years that as soon as I enter a very high stress time, I have trouble dealing and fall back into my depression. I sleep all weekend and either eat too much or eat too little. I’m currently doing an internship that’s extremely difficult and I’m really struggling and scared to go back into that hole I crawled out of .. #Depression #Anxiety #Stressedanddepressed


    What do you think of Event Management?

    So I’ve been taking 2 years off after high school, due to mental break and until now I do not know what I wanted to take for future career. All I know is I wanted to take any business programs in university. I need some advice. #overthinking #Anxiety #Stressedanddepressed #Advice #University #Adulting #needhelp #Depression