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The poem.

Be the holder and the one being held and then you can become more than the opposites or the 2 sides of all things as they are.. We can behold the sun being held by the sky and yet it's there All day. We can know and be known as the day in our days like the wind to a feather 🪶 and yet the feather is just a window that is touching on to the horizon of life. ❤️🎭

#MightyPoets #Poem #sunlight

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Rising Hope #stressrelief #Depression #Anxiety

Nature heals and and if you can try to get outside and if you can't make it that far, maybe the sunlight through a window.

#sunlight #Healing #MentalHealth

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Pushing through to get into the light. #SeasonalDepression

This time, #SeasonalDepression has affected me in a bad way and I have felt like #hybrinating . This especially became more true, realizing all the #weightgained . 💯🤯😵😖
Yesterday, I pushed through my #hatredforcoldweather and did a #photoshoot . I was #scared because I #lackselflove currently. I have a #Negativebodyimage and #NegativeThoughts about myself... inside and out currently.
I sucked it up and had a blast, though I was cold, with my photographer friend that I model and assist. When she got cold, we were done. I prepared some outfits and she loved just the one I was in (the first outfit).
It was fun and I got #sunlight ... and fresh air... outside my normal walls of my 'den'.
It was #AGoodDay .


How to survive sunlight with a Vampire's hypersensitivity to light?  #Photophobia  #hypersensitivity

I have extreme sensitivity in the sunlight since childhood. I feel like totally melting exhaustion, nausea, going in a very negative depressed mood generally really sick when exposed. At home I have always closed grey curtains and low to mid-intensity artificial light or no light. I also experience misophonia. this might be because of Aspergers or ADHD. I have no other diagnosis of the eyes or nervous system. Anyone experiencing this? How do you deal with it? Normally it is rarely sunny here but this summer was real suffering for me.. #Photophobia #Autism #ADHD  #AspergersSyndrome #sunlight


What are some tips for dealing with sensitivity to #sunlight #lupusrash

I’m having burning in my arms, back and face every time I’m around the sun or if the lights are on in the house. Any tips for dealing with this?


Coming Back

#Healing #journey #feelingagain #reachingout
Coming back alive,
Coming back around,
Back to vivid light and colors,
Back to sensate touch and sound.
Unfurling my #soul and #heart
like long unseen pieces of art.
Crawling out of my muffled cave,
to a world of glorious
sunrises and sunsets:
to a world of uproarious laughter
and wild bets.
Stretching out myself
like the limbs on a tree;
reaching for the #sunlight 
that's been eclipsed for me .
#Teetering  back and forth
on a scale of ups and downs,
no longer seeing the world
all in grays and browns.
A rainbow carnival caleidoscope
full of #Love ,and #light ,and #visions ,
and #Hope .
But still conscious of that
pit  beneath;
The pain-wracked #hell pit
in suffering wreathed;
Afraid to fall back in,
#scared  that for ones like me,
there really is no win.
Will I fly only to crash?
Are these my glory days?
My final bash?
Lifting me high,bringing
me low,
I want it all......
I #crave  it so.....
Coming back alive,
Coming back around,
getting myself up
off the ground.....

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