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Creating your Holiday Survival Toolkit

We are in the midst of the holiday season. For some that means joy, cheer, excitement, and family time. For others it means stress, overwhelm, emotional distress, toxic family members, anxiety, loneliness, depression...

If you are someone that struggles during the holiday season, know that you aren't alone. The holidays can be an incredibly difficult time. Preparing yourself ahead of time can help. One way to do this is coming up with techniques, skills, and resources in advance. I like to call this, Your Holiday Survival Toolkit. Read my latest blog to learn what a Holiday Survival Toolkit is, why you need one, and how you can create your own.

Creating Your Holiday Survival Toolkit - AccordingtoDes

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Creating Your Holiday Survival Toolkit - AccordingtoDes

The holidays are supposedly a time of celebration and joy but in reality, the holidays can be a difficult time for so many. The holidays can be a time of stress, toxic family members, anxiety, loneliness, and overwhelm. There are a lot of reasons why the holidays can be so difficult. If you’ve experienced a […]
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Seasonal depression

I actually wrote a blog about it with some tips on
It has been in the 70s here so I have been going outside with the fresh air and making it a point to soak up the extra warmth and sun we are oddly getting when it is usually close to snowing. #sad #SeasonalDepression #winterblues #bipolarweather #blogger

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How can you incorporate hygge into your life?

Welcome to November, Mighties!

In the Northern Hemisphere, leaves are falling and there’s a sharp chill in the air. As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, it can be challenging to find motivation to get out of bed and get things done when all you want to do is get cozy. That’s where the Danish principle of hygge comes in!

Hygge is all about finding comfort, coziness, and contentment in your everyday life. This could be through lighting some candles, piling on the quilts, or keeping your favorite tea stocked. How you embrace hygge is up to you! How can you add touches of hygge into your life as we enter this next phase of the year?

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How are your symptoms affected by the changing of seasons?

The leaves are changing colors and the days are getting shorter in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, spring has sprung and the days are getting longer. Wherever you are on the globe, the seasons are changing. And these seasonal changes can bring changes to our health, both mental and physical.

Here’s what some Mighty staffers are experiencing as the seasons change:

❄️ “Every morning I have to park myself in front of my SAD lamp and bundle up in a whole lot of layers to warm my joints up and get my body temperature regulated.”

🧣 “My chronic pain gets a little bit of a break when the weather gets cooler. I’m so affected by barometric pressure changes, humidity, and heat… bring on the sweater weather.”

🍁 “As it gets darker in the morning, it’s harder to kickstart my routine for the day and routine has a very strong effect on both my mental and physical health symptoms.”

☀️ “By around late January/February, I’ll be thinking the sun will never come again (even if it’s shining right then), and wishing for spring and the kind of warmth that heats me up from the inside and helps me feel less brittle.”

How do your symptoms change with the seasons?

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I’m a 4 atm ….. what abt u?

I’ve Been enjoying being home with my family for thanksgiving week.
Mostly been peaceful & chill.
I just want to hibernate till it’s warm again :(.
#Bipolar1Disorder #SeasonalDepression

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If Thanksgiving Dinner Compromises Your Health, DON’T GO!!

I am not kidding. I politely turned down two family invitations to Thanksgiving dinner and plan to stay home in my pajamas and watch movies in my Nest. Why?

Because I know that going would only upset me. It isn’t worth it. If I were to go it would probably take me the better part of a week to recover.

If going will be challenging but you know you will benefit from spending time with family, absolutely push yourself to go. If it will be a net loss for you then just say, “No thank you.”

How? Keep your reason short and do not try to over explain. Say something like, “I am not feeling well and decided I should stay home.” No further explanation should be necessary, but if they try to get you to change their mind because of their needs, just say, “I’m sorry, but this is what I need.”

Too often we let ourselves make poor choices for our health because someone we care about doesn’t understand what we are going through or what we need. Don’t compromise your well-being to be a character in someone else’s holiday production because they “think you should be there.”

Choose you this time! Say NO THANK YOU to uncomfortable clothing, to having to make small talk that stresses you, to ignorant and insensitive comments, to food that will make you feel worse, to doing activities that wear you out, to anything that tears you down!

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