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Coming Back

#Healing #journey #feelingagain #reachingout
Coming back alive,
Coming back around,
Back to vivid light and colors,
Back to sensate touch and sound.
Unfurling my #soul and #heart
like long unseen pieces of art.
Crawling out of my muffled cave,
to a world of glorious
sunrises and sunsets:
to a world of uproarious laughter
and wild bets.
Stretching out myself
like the limbs on a tree;
reaching for the #sunlight 
that's been eclipsed for me .
#Teetering  back and forth
on a scale of ups and downs,
no longer seeing the world
all in grays and browns.
A rainbow carnival caleidoscope
full of #Love ,and #light ,and #visions ,
and #Hope .
But still conscious of that
pit  beneath;
The pain-wracked #hell pit
in suffering wreathed;
Afraid to fall back in,
#scared  that for ones like me,
there really is no win.
Will I fly only to crash?
Are these my glory days?
My final bash?
Lifting me high,bringing
me low,
I want it all......
I #crave  it so.....
Coming back alive,
Coming back around,
getting myself up
off the ground.....

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