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    20 years of #Fibromyalgia

    It's been almost 20 years since I was diagnosed. I was 22! I started showing symptoms at 12. I have gotten use to the pain. All of the different pains (aches, burning, stinging, tenderness, neuropathy, etc.) I struggle most with mental health. I'm a single mom and many days It's so so so hard just to get up, much less spend time with my kids.
    The weeks I can't go to the grocery store. The games of uno I miss. The attention they seek. I cry.
    I am still trying new meds and treatments because they DONT KNOW HOW TO TREAT FIBROMYALGIA. They only treat present symptoms. Then the meds don't work anymore.


    Reminder Vitamin D


    Just a reminder. If you are feeling low you might want to get your vitamin D levels checked. My PCP ordered a CBC and my vitamin D levels were in the dumps. Normal levels are 30. My level was 7. I was put on 50k units of prescription every week for 12 weeks. I have seen an improvement. Might not work for everyone but it’s working for me.

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    What flowers should I plant in my garden?

    I’m planting sunflowers and taking suggestions! I planting in the south suburbs of Chicago. What do you beautiful people think I should add to my flower garden? 🌻 💐 🌺 🌸 🌹

    Today was day two or working on my garden. I started it last year and only managed to dig a hole 😂 Probs was hypomanic, not sure. Sometimes I try not to diagnose every single thing I feel. My treatment team suggested that I try my best to “ride the wave” (feel my feelings as they come) and not “pathologize” my every emotion. It helps because sometimes when I feel #happy or #sad I can just accept that, let myself feel, and try my best. I notice episodes when these feelings linger. Nevertheless, I am finding ways everyday to keep myself moving and give myself simple things to find joy in and keep myself occupied for at least another 30 days of quarantine.

    #Gardening #Garden #Flowers #COVID19 #covidanxiety #SocialDistancing #DBT #DialecticalBehaviorTherapy #CognitiveBehaviorTherapy #Depression #BipolarDepression #EatingDisorders #BulimiaNervosa #Therapy #vitamind #Recovery #hopehealsinitiative


    Finally had a good day

    Y’all, I finally had a good day! I spent the day sunbathing in my backyard, no roommates, getting grad school work done, enforced boundaries with someone who is a chronic boundary violator, meal prepped for the week and journaling.

    Last week was literally one of the worst I’ve had in months. I’m so thankful for today. I feel like I can go to work tomorrow. #PTSD #Anxiety #vitamind #beautifulsolitude

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    #Maine #sea #vacationland #Depression #thinkingrock ,

    I love going to Maine. We used to vacation there a lot when I was a child, Portland, Vinyl Haven Island, Acadia, Camden. Saco, we have been all over. I love #sitting on a rock and #sunning myself and catching the #vitamind, listening to the waves, crash over the rocks.


    I’m 24, I was a nurse and now I understand I can physically no longer do this. Any advice from others on new career paths? I feel lost! #Fibromyalgia #Pain #Nurse #Career #help #lost

    I’m at a crossroads and am doing working with OT, PT, and a pain specialist to get back to work, but I feel like I no longer know who I am. I have no desire to go back to nursing. I feel lost. Any advice? Anyone changed careers? #ChronicPain #young #HealthAnxiety #Work #Jobs #careerchange #MyofascialPainSyndrome #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #vitamind #Osteoarthritis #Osteomyelitis #MyofascialPainSyndrome #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #ChronicIllness

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    This is Lou

    This is Lou. I don’t have many feelings but I do know I LOVE Lou! He’s with me 24/7 he looks at me and his eyes are just full of love. Ohhh Lou I think he’s nervous most of the time but we both are kicking the bad issues from our lives. #1st time walkingoutisdeduringday #vitamind #Important


    Deficient #vitaminddeficiency #vitamind #postpartum #Postpartumcare #Vitamindcouncil

    Just one thought? I’m a nutshell, I’m 15 months post partum and it took me 14 of those to realize I was vitamin d deficient/insufficient. I have had a multitude of symptoms since I gave birth and have been to countless doctors, on so many meds, and it was vitamin d the ENTIRE time. My blood work indicated I was low in pregnancy but that was looked over. I’m angry...I’ve lost over a year of my life feeling like a zombie. Be your own advocate and speak up! Don’t give up when you’re not being listened to!


    Vitamin D

    Have been having a really rough time recently with anxiety and depression, but started taking daily vitamin d supplements after my nutrition teacher suggested it. The difference is astonishing. Obviously I'm not cured as there is no such thing, but I have noticed that my depressed mood is not as strong and I feel more emotional energy and strength to make connections and deal with negative things around me. I still get panic attacks, but at least it's easier for me to use coping behaviors, and I've actually had some really enjoyable days in between the anxiety.

    Don't underestimate the boost of vitamin d guys.

    #vitamind #Anxiety #Depression #nutrition #supplement

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