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    Nobody talks about the feelings of being left behind while you watch peers enjoy life and achieve goals. They can’t see how you’re trying to repiece your life back together in the dark. The criticism of why you can be like other people your age. Or they you’re supposed to be focused on your career/retirement/family obligations.

    Rarely see anyone appreciate how hard it is to get out of bed, pushing away thoughts of worthlessness, finding every way to wish these feelings away.

    It’s always why you don’t hang out with us anymore? Why haven’t you found a good job yet? Why aren’t you making friends? Why are you single? Why can’t you be like you used to?

    Nobody understands that’s there’s no going back. Coming back to yourself is more like a new becoming. An uphill battle that unfortunately doesn’t always end victorious.

    These are just my thoughts. #Survivor


    I’m a expert at social distancing #CVID#MBL #alpha1

    As a person home bound with no immune system I’ve become a pro at social distancing but I’m human and now more than ever we need to reach out. I may be wheelchair bound home mound but, it would be nice to get a check in some one who just wants to know I’m ok. We all have this who call to chat with the how are you but don’t really want to know they fill obligated to ask. Please everyone if your mentally or physically able reach out with a sincere heart even if it’s once a week with the only intention of asking your love one or friend how they are not to go one a hour chat about your problems and I guarantee when you least expect it you’ll get the same type call in return. I know many of us aren’t able handle long conversations I’m not but, to know one person cares and checks on you just because they care can change there whole day. So how are you today? Please drop a comment check in I care. I want everyone to be brutally honest we all sugar coat I’m the best someone asks I’m always fine but I’m not. So really how are you. If you need to vent let it go. I care how you are not the I’m doing ok I’m filling better but, think before you respond... How are you physically and mentally? I myself am having a hard day I had a infusion this am amd two more this week the three week treatments are tough. I over see my grandma with dementias care she’s right next door yet other than the camera system in place and videos and pictures I can’t lay my hands on her she’s my reasonfor getting up every day to make sure she’s took care of I miss her touch her rubbing my face holding my hand me rubbing her head. See it’s ok to not be ok sometimes. So how are you today? I’m sending all my fellow warriors big gentle hugsxxxx know your not alone and I care and want to know.... How are you honestly.. #Generalizedtorsiondystonia #POTS #hymomobilityeds #TraumaticBrainInjury #strokesurvior #CVID #Scoliosis #alpha1 #Fibromyalgia #InvisibleIllness #Wheelchairlife #Parkinsonisms #OrganFailure #survior #defetingdeppression #victornotavictim #childabusesurvivor



    #UndiagnosedADHD my therapist said I have symptoms of ADHD. I do have PTSD, anxiety, and depression. How can one point out ADHD #DomesticAbuse #survior

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