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Does IT get better ❤️‍🩹

#Recovery #Striving #Surviving #thriving #Hope

So this is for you out there we don’t know what your going through. Today we wanted to say hey IT is what IT is isn’t IT and NO IT is not ok and that is ok. You are allowed to show your feelings you are allowed to express yourself and share your feelings. This is all hard for all of us and we are all extremely tired and exhausted from everything that happened and is happening.

The one message we would like to convey is you are not alone you matter you are important and yes you are worthy!

This is a message of Hope don’t opt-out don’t punch out don’t give up you are so much more then what you are going through.

You never know who your going to help or who will help you we are helping because people have helped us.

ACT DBT CBT EMDR Mindfulness +++++++

Sometimes IT takes so much just to find out what how why when where that you never new or was aware that people care.

You know what get up get out of that toxic fish tank and get into a fight or flight for you as you are the only one that can save you. Sorry tough love we had to say IT.

When you are surrounded by therapy and supports be IT a virtual therapist, peer group or even a volunteer commitment you change the equation of you.

So if you can change the equation you can escape the loop. If you escape the loop you can do so many different things that are good for you.

Look we know this is for someone out there…

Maybe your drinking maybe your smoking maybe your coping just to get to tomorrow using or even being abused. We send our hugs cause you can survive and you can get out. We won’t lie IT is very hard. Sometimes you need a 6 month break that’s an option. Yes you are putting life on hold and yes things may fall apart but is not everything already falling apart if your in this situation? Personally this road has been travelled. The point is don’t give up don’t surrender don’t give in cause you never know who is out there.

Someone needs to hear this message you perhaps or maybe a connection that is going through IT.

We would like to send hugs big hugs cause you can do IT! Yes you can! God Said so with help. So that means you don’t have to do IT alone.

We ask you to consider if you choose your present who can you help? If you choose to continue who will need you to be there for them in there time of need. A total stranger in a store a parking lot walking on a street or even in a support group. Someone somewhere needs you.

We hope this helps someone know you are appreciated you are valued and yes you are missed.

We send #Love #Support #Hugs }{ #ChronicDepression #suside #Anxiety #Addiction #ChrinicPain #Divergent #Diversity #ADHD #ASD #Autism #Fibromyalgia #BackPain #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #illness

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How are you’re children doing? Are you ever disappointed in them?

I’m having a really hard time lately because of my daughter. Now she was a star student. So freaking talented in so many ways. She can sing like an Angel, always made top grades. In college she excelled beyond my wildest dreams. Student of the year at a top university. Got her masters. But the last year in school something happened and she was diagnosed with bi polar. She married her highs school sweetheart and life was great until she got pregnant. She says she never wanted to have children and then began 3 years of turmoil. She ballooned up to 360
Lbs and became suicidal. She doesn’t love her child so us and the other grandparents take turns watching her. It’s not right for that ooor little girl to be shuffled around so much. She just turned 5 and has witnessed things no one should ever have! I found out yesterday they are sending her 3 states away to live with her Aunt and I’m crushed. Not just about that but that her marriage is probably over too. She can’t work because she is so depressed and she doesn’t think anyone would hire her because of her weight. I’m so disappointed. Her life has fallen apart. I don’t know how to help her anymore. I’m embarrassed she’s done nothing with her life when it all looked so promising. She 33 now. If I could raise her little girl I would but I have too many medical problems. Psoriatic arthritis, ankylosis spondylitis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and more. I was barely able to watch her on my days I had her and it would take me days to recover from it. I would be in bed for 3 days afterwords. I raised her in a loving home, we had a good Christian based home and my husband and I have been married 40’years this year. I know one of these times she will succeed in killing herself. Mental illness is a real problem her in the USA. For her every time she tried she was placed in the hospital for a few days then in a rehab but insurance will never pay for more than a week. We have searched for help for her long and hard and unless you’re rich you can’t get into any long term facility for help. I’m at my wits end and don’t know where to turn or how to help her. My heart is so heavy and depression has hit me hard. First of all from my body failing me and I can’t help out more but mostly because of my daughter. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get her help? #suside #bi polar #depreassion #ChronicPain #help


#anexity #Depression #suside thoughts

I’m trying to think positive, I won’t see psychiatrists until March 22 is my appointment ☹️ My spouse is trying to help me but she has D I D so I don’t tell her I think about shooting myself everyday or cutting myself.