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That wasn’t a challenge!

Dear life, when I asked if I could feel any worse, that wasn’t a challenge!

The antibiotics definitely aren’t working, and the side effects have me feeling worse than ever before.

How awful I’m feeling makes me want cuddles but I only saw my boyfriend yesterday so I’ll just have to wait it out :(

#breathlessness #nausea #heartracing #Dizziness #lightheaded #antibiotics #SideEffects #Fever #Sweating #lossofappetite #illness #Infection

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What is the best product for oversweating?

I sweat a lot from anxiety and hypothyroidism, so I was wondering what products work best for you guys! It gets so bad that I get stains from doing nothing, just sitting around other people. I try to best more cooler so I can’t sweat but I still do even when I’m freezing. I’ve tried different fabrics too but I think it’s a mostly an anxiety thing. Antiperspirants sometimes work but mostly don’t do anything. #Anxiety #Sweating #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease


Excessive Sweating issues...


I suffer from sweating issues. It used to be just when I worked hard. I'd sweat so much that I would be drenched down to my underwear. I would drink a couple liters of electrolytes to keep from fainting. I got used to this for years. My resting pulse is also rapid, 100-110 bpm.

The sweating is now happening several times a day, even when I walk the dog at 6:30 AM when its quite cool outside. My thyroid meds were checked & are fine, so referred to a Cardiac specialist. I'm scheduled for a stress test tomorrow, so I get to sweat all over their treadmill...

But it was a blood test that the Cardiac doctor ordered that has brought another possible cause to light. He measured the hormones produced by my Adrenal Glands - and the came back high on the "fight or flight" hormones. Which indicates a possible tumor (usually benign) on my Adrenal Glands. So, I'm also scheduled for a CAT scan for this.

I'm relating all this as I know there are many of us with sweating issues, and this is another possibility to examine. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for in this complex issue, probably survival without changing sweat soaked clhes 3-4 times a day...

#Fibromyalgia #Sweating


Does anyone else struggle with physical effects from anxiety like nausea? Upset stomach? Tremors? Sweating?dizzy? Am I going crazy? #Anxiety #PanicAttack

I have been stuggling with panic attacks, anxiety, catastrophic thinking, depression for about 5 years now. I get very physical symptoms and wonder how to alleviate these annoying occurrences. I can't turn my mind off. I am my own worst enemy and no matter how hard I actively think positively sometimes I'm still at a standstill. Help! # GAD #Anxiety #stomachpain #Sweating #tired


Do you guys have fluctuating body temperature? #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Sweating #Isitjustme #EDS #ChronicIllness

Ok, so here's a little context:
I'm in the UK, it's about 23 degrees celsius (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit), about 58% humidity. I've been chilly most of the day and as such am in my comfy pjs and a t-shirt.

I just did a load of washing up at the sink, it took roughly 25mins- I am now a sweaty mess. Seriously. A MESS. I don't understand why this keeps happening to me, I'll go out and feel freezing cold and then I'll take 3 steps and be sweating and boiling. WHAT'S HAPPENING?

Does anyone else go through this? What is this madness?

Hope everyone is doing well :-)


Best deodorant? #Fibromyalgia #Sweating

Hello friends! My fibromyalgia has me sweating much heavier than normal and it seems like every deodorant I try isn’t strong enough; even the clinical ones. For those of you who struggle with excessive sweating what products have you found that help? Thanks!

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Excess #Sweating how do you manage / treat it. Are there any natural or medical remedies you have tried?

Since late last year I’ve turned into what looks like a walking wet rag, my body gets sweaty, clammy and feels dirty all the time even in bed and on cool days or when I’m in aircon. I know medications have similar side effects, #Fibromyalgia and my nerves have been damaged in my back which don’t help. I’m trying a face deodorant which I might as well bath in, ice packs, cold water, I’m trying everything that I can think of. I’m over it and the #Embarrassment that it brings. Living with a #ChronicIllness and constant #Pain is torture enough!