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    Fever from stress

    I find myself with low grade fever like on and off. It’s the weirdest thing, I get a fever then after a few hours it goes away. Seeing my doc on the 13th but some reading showed it can be triggered by stress? #Fever #Stress #Anxiety


    That wasn’t a challenge!

    Dear life, when I asked if I could feel any worse, that wasn’t a challenge!

    The antibiotics definitely aren’t working, and the side effects have me feeling worse than ever before.

    How awful I’m feeling makes me want cuddles but I only saw my boyfriend yesterday so I’ll just have to wait it out :(

    #breathlessness #nausea #heartracing #Dizziness #lightheaded #antibiotics #SideEffects #Fever #Sweating #lossofappetite #illness #Infection

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    #Fever that comes and goes

    Sore throat. Tonsillitis. And intermittent mild fever for 30 days. Mostly in the evenings. Weight reduced by 4 kg. What is happening to me? #PeriodicFever #Strep

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    3 weeks!

    Now 3 weeks post-surgery. Getting an on and off #Fever still but aside from that and the #nausea and the cheek #Pain and the #Nerve pain, I’m doing okay.

    Out-of-hours called back Sunday and said I was fine since it was only 37.6c when they called so not really sure what to do.


    Uphill battle

    Well today I actually woke up not feeling so rough so I got up, had my meal with my meds and fortisip. Just as I was finishing my meal, I felt overwhelmed with #nausea , #shaking and I had #heart palpitations.

    I called 111 and they did an assessment over the phone and then I got a call back 40 minutes later. Again, another assessment and they sent out an ambulance.

    Long story short, I may have the start of an #Infection because I have the start of a #Fever and also the other symptoms mentioned earlier. They said if my temperature gets higher then to call again, so have ordered a new thermometer as the one I used read 36.9, whereas theirs read 37.5.

    They also said that being on codeine may have caused the sudden episode of illness earlier and said I could discontinue it if I wished to (and I have chosen to do so as I’d rather be in pain than that ill).

    So it’s a bit of an uphill battle at the moment but hopefully things will settle down in time for my follow up appointment as they won’t let me go to it if I manage to have a fever (which is obviously fair enough).

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    What causes a low grade fever, 100.4-100.9, with no symptoms other than typical fever symptoms? I’ve tried Google and everything says Coronavirus which I’m 95% sure I don’t have. My temp has been rising at night the past week and I thought it was related to my hormones until last night when it went up but hasn’t come down. I’m baffled and wonder if it could be related to the pain I’m always experiencing or the recent increase in gastroparesis symptoms I’ve been experiencing.
    #Undiagnosed #ChronicPain #Anxiety #Fever #Fatigue #Depression #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Gastroparesis


    New symptom #tummy painpain#feverpainpain#Fever #nausea

    Here's a new one for me. Extremely painful tummy button (no redness or sign of infection) hurts on the outside and the inside
    Making me feel sick.
    Plus a fever ( not new, get then alot)
    Feeling utterly crap.
    Anyone else with a mystery hummy button thing???


    Have ME & batch of autoimmune diseases. I've had frequent lowish fevers for 2-3 yrs. Gotten to be daily & higher. Anyone else have these? #Fever



    I get fevers randomly sometimes normally, but in the UK you’re supposed to self isolate for 7 days with a fever now. Anyone else having this problem?

    #Fibromyaliga #ChronicIllness #Fever #COVID19


    Anyone with fibromyalgia randomly feel really warm to the point clothes feel too much? No physical fever though, though I often get those randomly too

    #Fibromyalgia #FMS #hotflashes #Fever