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There are a lot of things to be thankful for.

Hello Everyone! It's Me Again.

I hope you are having a good week. My week has been slow.. but I am alright. It's weird that since the week of January the 9th I have been part time at work. I work at Universal Studios and it's always a challenge working in the theme park. Have you ever visited a theme park? I am sure that most of you have.

I always wonder if people visiting the parks ever think about those who are working. Do they ever stop and think about the person that is operating the ride? Do they think about the lady working in the store? There are times where I wonder if people think about employees at all when they go to places. I think about them when I visit the theme parks in Central Florida, USA. It's often very difficult for me when I see someone looking miserable with them trying to smile.

I think about the people I see, and when I see them I thank them for being there and I tell them I appreciate their help. I also make sure to tell them to enjoy the rest of their shift. It's a way that I acknowledge that I know they're working and dealing with a lot everyday. People can be cruel sometimes... And kindness always goes very far.

Love & Peace to All.


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Choose Joy

I had a wonderful time visiting #WaltDisneyWorld here in #Florida . I know how busy it can be visiting central Florida theme parks. Especially since I work in a #themepark It kind of wears you down. However, lately I have felt a bit of a buzz of energy. I don't know if it is the #Holidayseason or if it is #Hypomania .. but is welcomed.

I do feel stronger lately, despite having some serious #PMDD concerns. Prozac medicine makes you feel like you have some kind of a band-aid on whatever emotion you are feeling. It is so weird that I do not know entirely how to best describe it in words.

Have you ever taken #prozac before? If you have, let me know what it makes you feel.

Do you have any plans for this #Holidayseason ? If so, what are they?

I am really looking forward to whoever reads this and replies. ♡

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Halloween is coming. The theme parks in Central Florida are in full gear of their events. My house is decorated. It helps me to feel better by focusing on holidays as they come along.

What's your favorite holiday?

What's your favorite time of year?


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A Little Bit Tired

It has not been easy for me today to go to work. I am a little bit tired with a little bit of rainbows and sunshine. I know I am usually a very strong woman, but there were times today where I realized that the suspension I have tomorrow is a direct result of my disability of Bipolar Disorder and Panic Disorder. I am upset that it has affected me at my job this far... but... what can I do? I can only do so much to get myself through this. So. Here's a cute photo that spreads a little bit of cheer to anyone who sees it and can relate.

<3 #themepark #BipolarDisorder #AnxietyDisorder


#COVID19and the #themepark Life.

Hello Everyone!

I have been thinking about how many theme park employees are furloughed or have reduced pay. Reduced pay is so much better than having no pay at all. It still is alarming about how many people have a high risk of losing homes, cars, insurance, and various other needs. People are going to food banks to try to help their families to get something to eat at home.

There are still limited to no toilet paper in the stores, as when people see them, they want to buy it because they do not know when it will be back again, even if they have toilet paper at home still! I have seen things time and time again. I worry for all of us, but I realized that worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair.

It does not go anywhere but just gives the power to move the chair back and forth. Instead, I would rather convert that worry into something useful.

How can I Help?

What skillset do I have that I can use to help someone else?

I may not have medical skills, but I do have mental health awareness and psychology skills. I decided to make myself available to my family members and friends by reaching out to them and talking about how they’re handling the situation. So far, I have been able to convert a lot of negatives into positives to that my family can see things from a different light (such as helping my mother and my best friend.)

I am not a miracle worker, but I can continue to try to do anything that I need to do to help others in need. Even if the only skill that I have is to write to you, or write to my friends, and keep in touch.

I tell stories to my friends about the times that we had together in the summer, and I also talk with my husband about the things we will do once this lockdown is over, and things are back into the swing.

My husband and I talked about the house value, and how the housing market values are crashing… but realized our home is more valuable than the money it is said to be worth.

Think about all the love that we must share.

Everything is going to be alright.

Think Positive and do what you can do, even if it means just being there for others.

  Valerie C.

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