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So far, my support system is myself. sometimes I feel sad about this fact, but I also feel that this method is not so bad # loneliness #virtualhug

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My Photography

I have wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember. But this year has kicked my butt like many of you out there too. So my dream has taken a backseat for now. But this year I found this app / website that I love. Its called 500px. Its similar to instagram, so it's easy to use. I post all my photos i take and edit on there. This is not me trying to get noticed. This is not me trying to sell anything. This is not me promoting an app or website or brand. My only want is to share the beauty I have personally experienced with the rest of the world so that maybe I can brighten someone's dark day. This is me wanting to put a smile on your face because you are having a hard time and you need it more than ever. I don't want praise or thank you's, I just want to spread happiness to those that need it most right now. Maybe I expressed a feeling you felt in a way that you couldn't through my photos. Maybe you just needed a virtual hug. I hope my photos can be whatever you need right now. Remember you're not alone.

Here's my link :

#Photography #Photos #smile #spreadthelove #Happiness #yourenotalone #virtualhug

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#virtualhug #Motivation #keepgoing #Youareamazing

👋 to all of you! I just want to send a virtual hug 🤗 and to thank you for being here.
A little reminder: you are strong, you matter, you are special and amazing! ❤️
I hope it’s all alright! Wish you the best!


I’m sick but someone does appreciate me 🥰

#CheckInWithMe - A LETTER TO ME - Appreciation post! The strongest girl I know! Just over 4 years ago she made me a Dad! Prior to that had been through a pregnancy which included about 30 hospital visits with hyperemesis, loss of baby movement, loss of amniotic fluid before bed rest from 25 weeks! Fast foward just over 4 years and she’s back in hospital for probably the 10th time since having Nellie! She’s been through 4 years of stomach issues triggered by sepsis from retained placenta with a bout of Post natal depression aswell! 4 years of infections, antibiotics, trying every diet known to man, missed birthdays, christenings, holy communions, parties, large chunks of holidays! She beats herself up daily by thinking she’s a bad mum for not always been able to get out of bed or do things ‘normal’ Mother’s should however is the only girl I’d ever want as Nellie’s mum! Through all of this she manages to be chief organiser of the house, including ordering me pre prepped meals to be delivered to the house whilst she’s in hospital! Long story short just want to say thank you for the sacrifice you’ve made physically and mentally in order for me to become a Dad! You have no idea how inspiring your story will be to Nellie in years to come and she loves you more then you can even imagine ❤️ THIS LETTER WAS SENT TO ME LAST NIGHT CROM MY OTHER HALF - I wanted to share because even at the darkest times when we all feel isolated and alone there is someone that thinks you are simply an amazing human - YOU ARE ALL AMAZING HUMANS

So my new thing - #virtualhug for everyone today and if you need me just holla right back welcome to our mighty gang - warriors of the world 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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A poem for those who need a ##virtualhug 💛 #ChronicIllness #strength #MightyPoets ##youmadeitanotherday #Undiagnosed ##findinganswers #Depression #Love #ImListening

I came across this today and needed to share I wrote so many posts and deleted and wrote and deleted as I feel like I need to explain why I shared searching for constant reassurance that I’m not going mad or that I am gonna be better or find out why this is really happening it’s hard I lock myself away .

I find it super hard to explain my pain and heartache to those who love me and easy to go online and share and motivate others and reassure them there is hope and lend an ear or just say something that may save that person that day .

But today was different I struggled to find the words to make my post relevant or hide my pain with humour or just explain myself but I didn’t I just shared and said I will tell all when I’m ready

But for now I just need a hug , a message , a kiss , a smile or a poem that makes me feel warm if just for one second ☝🏼 because that second got me through today

Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I just loved these words and felt like I had a hug and felt safe and warm 🤗 today so I’m passing it out to anyone that needs it too 💫💛💋 #virtualhug