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    How will you respond?

    No one said life would be easy.
    No one guaranteed us anything.
    I didn’t ask for the #CPTSD the #ChronicDepression the #MajorAnxiety I didn’t ask for the #UlcerativeColitis the #CrohnsDisease the #diverticulosis the #Diabetes
    I didn’t ask for being part of less than 1%of the ENTIRE WORLD having both inner ears damaged beyond repair. I didn’t ask for the #Tinnitus ringing so loudly in both ears I sometimes can’t hear what ppl say. I didn’t ask for any of this. But I have them and more
    They way I see it?
    I have 2 choices
    I can learn to live with what I have and take #ONESTEP 🦶🏼at a time to do my best. Even if it’s minute to minute
    I can be a victim, feel sorry for myself, “woe is me”
    I’m learning that I can’t control everything. This is a hard one for me.
    I like to know what’s going on, what will happen, I over analyze EVERYTHING and then do it again. It’s a viscous cycle
    My mind always races
    What about this? What about that? You should have did/said whatever this or that
    I’m sure a lot of you know the “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” game we all play
    STOP 🛑 ✋🏻
    Take a deep breath
    My therapist told me something recently that “clicked”
    She said “Focus on the things you CAN control, not the things you can’t.” She was right. I’m a #workinprogress but I’m trying 🙂
    When I start to focus on what I CAN control, my #Stress levels go down just a bit. The #AnxietyAttack is at bay just a bit longer and I feel just a bit better.
    It’s amazing what can happen when focused on what I can control and #letgo of what I can’t.
    This is one of my favorite #mantras
    Which one will you choose?
    I’ll choose to RISE again and again
    Whoever is reading this remember:
    #Youareamazing #YouAreBeautiful


    #WarriorStrong 💚💜💪🏻

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    #virtualhug #Motivation #keepgoing #Youareamazing

    👋 to all of you! I just want to send a virtual hug 🤗 and to thank you for being here.
    A little reminder: you are strong, you matter, you are special and amazing! ❤️
    I hope it’s all alright! Wish you the best!

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    For Everyone Battling With Something