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I 'M Feeling sad % i wanna cry. BUT

I have not idea why. It's funny how in #Winter time. You can feel fine and then all of a sudden #Depression feelings come to you. You feel depressed.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #LearningDisability #winterblues

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Random morning thoughts before walk

Merry Christmas 🎄 & happy New Years every one ❤️💚❤️💚❤️ much love
#Bipolar1Disorder #winterblues #anger #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety

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This APP sometimes leaves me feeling with no hope. I mean it's to be able to have a safe place to vent problems. But sometimes it doesn't help.

I start thinking of how much i hate the cold and snow. My #winterblues are kicking in. I try to do the things i learned to help with my depressing thoughts. I try to be really #positive . But sometimes afther reading post it really drains mw a little. Makes me #sad or triggers me. I start thinking of if it gets really bad and hard to handle. Talking about going on Meds wouldn't be a bad thing. Not something i feel i can do. I'll see how my mood goes.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety


Seasonal depression

I actually wrote a blog about it with some tips on
It has been in the 70s here so I have been going outside with the fresh air and making it a point to soak up the extra warmth and sun we are oddly getting when it is usually close to snowing. #sad #SeasonalDepression #winterblues #bipolarweather #blogger

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Holiday Season Blues? Do you have any holiday season blues, and what do you do?

Every #Holiday season when the season changes, I experience some type of emotional change. What I did was buy the daytime light temperature lamps and it helps significantly! 🌟


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I'M done with winter time. #winterblues #TheMighty

I need #Summer now. The sunshine and warm heat. Sure we had snow and yes it was nice looking at. Time to switch over to #Spring

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I hate snow! Go away! Meh feelings. #TheMighty #winterblues

This is how uch snow Canada got blasted with last week. Nobody asked for this. lol Just hurry up #Spring I watch FatheringAutism vlogs. They were complaining about the cold weather. 30/50 F being cold in florida. Well i understand it's cold for them. Sometimes i just roll my eyes. lol They don't have to suffer cold -15 and freaking snow. That's bloody cold#Depression


The #winterblues Snap at you.#TheMighty Bored

A wave of sadness rushes inside you. #Depression A boring sunday.

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Just feeling a little ok. Dreaming of #Spring

I don't really know if i need to take meds for my #Depression #Anxiety .With me before being told i wasn't depressed enough. I'M not sure how i feel about taking any. I d on't think anything wrong with it. Whatever works for you. You need to do you. It's just making the phone call to the doctors. I was feeling low last week. But last few days i have ben better mood. I did feel a little anxious about a in person meeting i had with a worker. I almost wanted to g et out of it. Stupid anxiety. But the lady was nice. I'll be having a person that will take me places and do social things. Meet new friends. Group things. I feel excited but anxious at the same time. Think it will help with the #winterblues