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I don't know what to do, I'm so ready to go to bed and stay there

#52 small things#PTSD #mighty minute # pain game#Spoonie life hack #MentalHealth

Part of my story was that when I was with my ex (my abuser) we were out doing the most and doing dumb things. So I end up in jail for roughly a little over 8 months. In county jail I didn't have anything to plate my upper denture in so it can soak overnight and denture adhesive you can't get unless someone sends you money. Let's just say I didn't wear my upper plate while in jail. With that my bottom teeth would be in contact with my gums on the top. After awhile I was noticing teeth imprints in my gums and yes they were tender. I get out of jail and I finally get to wear my teeth again. My top gums were getting to the point some food was difficult to eat. I don't remember how long I was in the rehab when one day I'm sitting at my desk and start to eat a tootsie roll when I hear this Crack sound and had to maneuver my dentures that were stuck pretty good, had split right down the middle and the edges were sharp. It wasn't easy getting them out of my mouth. I'm thinking how did a simple little tootsie roll broke my dentures. I cleaned the 2 pieces off and put them up in the bathroom. Best be assured, I still ate that tootsie roll. I have a busy schedule with therapy and being lazy, but I called the place I had my dentures made 8 years prior and we got an appointment made. I have no vehicle so I am relying on public transportation. I get into my appointment and yes he sees how my top gums have grooves or tooth imprints in my top gums. Dentist tells me that my insurance company requires him to visually see the dentures so he can see how they broke. I kinda look at him like he's an idiot because who keeps dentures that have been broken for a good 6 months now. He broke the silence by telling me that if I didn't have them he would have to file for a different medical code or something. I finally found my voice and say, my insurance company wants to see a dentures that are in 2 pieces and they've been broke around 6 months now. Shaking my head I quietly ask, who keeps broken dentures for that long . The Dentist was getting ready to leave my area for some paperwork and at the last minute he asks, just so I'm clear, your upper plate broke down the middle and you don't know where they are. I smirked a little and said yes their broke and yes I know where they are. They are in the same place I put them when they broke. I didn't want to say something until I might have figured out if anyone else has did what I had. Sorry this is so long. I was supposed to have an appointment to get 3 teeth extracted with IV sedation. Some how the oral surgeon people said my claim was denied by my insurance. Now I have a pretty bad memory. Each week I would remind myself I have to get ahold of those places because I want my teeth back. So here it is close to a year o have been without my top plate. A year my bottom front teeth were slowly wearing down the gums and the more tender it got. Now that I got ahold of my insurance and my dentist and my dentures place, my teeth have dug so far up into my gums that my molars in the back are grinding into the fresh flesh of my gums. And the front teeth have dug trenches so deep I'm pretty sure there have to be nerves exposed because my mouth is super sensitive to hot or cold. But I am in so much mouth pain. If I close my mouth my teeth are making contact in the trenches and tender flesh. I try to keep my tongue in the way but it doesn't work. Now because my teeth have dug so far into the gums and I open my mouth it feels like I'm trying to remove my upper plate that was freshly glued in. I can feel the suction from my teeth coming out of the trenches. Any advice cause I am miserable. I try the Kanka numbing pen. Oh it works but just for a short period. Thanks for listening

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Hectic day

Total confusion of appts and other things due to the holiday. Too many people taking extra days off further messing up my schedule.
My caregiver and I made potatoes n ham n cheese dish in the oven . We went for a good walk late today. Been pretty cold last few days and nights. Lots of thick fog!
My MH peer support person is back from vacation tomorrow so we meet and walk to store to check Lucky Number Tuesday. I've won something 3 times since October. Best prize was a salad shooter machine. Makes some chores of meal prep much quicker. Grated a block of parmesan cheese 🧀 little bit ago. Still have my knuckles 🤣.
Distraction was a good tool for me today. It helps me manage among the stress and anxiety sometimes.
#chronic pain#Fibromyalgia ,#Anxiety ,#Bipolar ,#Depression ,#chronic illnesses,#positive thoughts,#daily reflections and journal,#check in with me,#Distract me,#52 small things

Thanks mighties for the listen and signing off. Enjoy your night, morning whatever!


Busy , positive day with my caregiver

I made bacon jam today 😌, we did some shopping and cooking together. Made chocolate chia seeds pudding- yummy
We fed my hummingbirds late afternoon. Went to PT for my feet and my R shoulder.
Getting my booster vaccine this Friday morning.
#chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , #Bipolar ,#positive thought of the Day, #distracrion techniques and grounding techniques for flashbacks, #check in with me, #52 small things, #Psoriatic and osteo arthritis, #chronic inflammation throughout my body, #Trauma , @breastcancer survivor, #seasonal affective, I'm a fighter they and they, #Music #Sports ,
Funny thought of the Day
Are you up,
Just wanted to say good morning 🌄!
I send thoughts to many people each day to lighten their day! The feedback I get helps me greatly. Dulls my pain n inflammation for a little while.
Good night mighties!


Oh Happy Day

My caregiver is back! So nice to see her.
We cooked several times and caught up on paperwork.Did couple errands.
I'm gluten free and lactose free but asked if we could get recipe for chicken tenders and MAGIC! Yummy.
She's a great cook and baker
#positive thought of the Day, #check in with me,#52 small things, #Gratitude ,#Fibromyalgia , #chronic pain, #Psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis, distraction techniques and grounding techniques to handle flashbacks,
Though my body is screaming in pain I haven't given up. I keep on trucking!
Signing off mighties!


I remember getting a #52 things email about setting goals for each area of your life. Anyone remember what the areas where? Thanks


#52 small things

This week I will focus on staying motivated and not letting myself get discouraged.

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#52 Small Things JOURNALING

“Who am I today?”
I am insomnia.
I am tears by the fireplace.
I am ‘help me therapist’.
I am so thankful for that hug.
I am housework. (ugh, OCD JUST STOP )
I am therapeutically folding clothes.
I am chauffeur.
I am dog watcher.
I am endless flashbacks.
I am calming hot tea.
I am ‘Grammy I love you so much that I will die the day you do.’ And that’s enough for me.
#c-PTSD (and all that goes along with it)

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Take A Break #52 Small Things Week 3

This week I’ll not read or watch anything that could possibly trigger my depression/trauma. I’ll watch for beauty.

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Bo vs Kylo Ren #52 small things#

Finding joy in the small things