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Article about harmful ableist language

We're all in this together, so we should all be working together to hold ourselves accountable for striking inherently #Ableist language from our personal lexicons. Love this article that discusses casual ableism and why certain words can be triggering. A more #Inclusive world starts with more inclusive language!

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Cures #chronicillnesshumour #MightyTogether

Hope this doesn’t offend anyone. Compiled my fav ‘cures’ offered by ableists. Forgot to mention that one time my old boss told me a positive attitude would cure me, because positive attitudes have been known to cure cancer! Now, I’m all for positivity but FO hun. #Fibromyalgia #Cure #chasingcures #chronicillnessmemes #laughingatmyself #Ableist


I AM disabled... But denied basic needs & assistance?

I am currently in the "appeal process." Previously, over 4 months ago I got denied... for the third time. It was after going through the court. And before anyone asks... yes I had a lawyer AND an attorney. And paperwork, doctors notes, diagnoses both mental and physical- evidence, and an evaluation. And my boyfriend's 3-page testimony and my own that was 10 pages. I started this process in 2017. It was exhausting both physical AND mental. eons of waiting, eons of paperwork, eons of humiliation. Eons of confusion and questions. Lawyers, attorneys, you name it. But it had to be done because you see... I am disabled. I can't work, I barely can function. And I have little support from anyone outside of my boyfriend whom guess what? Also, happens to be disabled! We didn't plan it that way, we are very atypical in our relationship but we love each other and want to support each other in every way we can. We are FAR from perfect and struggle IMMENSELY on our own and together... but we would rather struggle together than alone. Anyways, the denial. Well... the main excuse the judge used to say I wasn't disabled was a doctor's note on a convo we had after the appointment topic was finished. he asked me if I find any joy or fun in anything and such and I liked the doctor and he was younger and friendly and I said I play steam games once in a while on PC. I said I have to take a lot of breaks and I do it as a distraction for the pain and mental so I don't go stir crazy stuff. I didn't think anything of it till the judge at my hearing brought it up because the doctor wrote down our conversation topic and basics on my file. The judge used that convo/note in my file and used it as a way to prove I'm not disabled. It sickened me and pissed me off and just... I have no words. Apparently, if you're disabled you can't enjoy anything ever and can't do anything if you're housebound- just sit there. I play games and virtual stuff because if I just sit there in silence, my thoughts grow dark, the pain worsens, I become more depressed and feel even more useless. I have to do something, invest in something or I'd go insane. I don't think that makes me any less disabled. It hurts so much. I told my lawyer is this even legal? This isn't right or ethical?! And they said it WAS legal because ANYTHING I say, or ANYTHING on any piece of paperwork in my file is allowed to be used as evidence to build their denial case for you. I said I thought your supposed to assume I'm disabled first- and only deny if evidence proves otherwise- but they said no that's how criminal court works. For disability cases, they ONLY search for evidence in your file AGAINST your case- and if they have enough basis to legally deny you they will. I said that can't be right... but apparently that's how it works...
#Disability #MentalHealth  #Depression  #Anxiety  #ChronicIllness  #Ableist #Shame
#PTSD  #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder   #Discrimination   #help  #Spiralling   #Spoonie



I just read a friends post about how antidepressants do not help and may actually cause suicide. They have helped me a lot. Of course this person doesn't use them. I don't know how to respond. He cited some study but it seems like such an ableist thing to post. He also said they are not good for anything. #Ableist #Antidepressants

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#SelmaBlair in a #Wheelchair sparked another convo

She has helped me so much in accepting my own limitations with #mobility . I have to use a #Cane & sometimes a wheelchair when my health, #Fibro & #Pain get really bad. Something Selma said which I can get behind especially with the stigma of needing #MobilityAids is that “don’t feel ashamed for needing help getting around”. We should not be ashamed of our mobility aids. I shouldn’t feel bad about needing my cane or my chair on bad days but sometimes I do. We have to break that #Ableist stigma. I’m so glad someone in the media is representing women with #MS #Disabilities #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain when there is so much stigma & so little representation in tv, movies or films. #Representationmatters