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Starting fresh. Is anyone else using the day to be creative?

Spending the rest of the day in my studio. With the new moon comes new ideas and inspiration. Healing energy is today’s creative focus. Paint is the medium. Emotion is the guide.

#blankcanvas #creativity #Selfcare #Art #MentalHealth #Therapy #selfawarness #ADHDartist #newmoon #moonphase #Awareness #empath #EmotionalAbuse #Survivor #Trauma #CPTSD

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Seeing your worth. #walkaway #ADHDartist

Today is a new day. 🌞
A good nights rest helped me gain some perspective. Isn’t it interesting how we can work things out in our #Sleep ?! 💤 or maybe that’s strange 🤔 I guess I’m not sure. Do other people find perspective after a restful night? Maybe its the #ADHD ? Anyhow.........

Have you ever had to #walkaway from something or someone that was poison to your soul? Yesterday I was super hard on myself and unkind in my internal dialogue. Saying no to others makes me uncomfortable. Saying no to my mom is the worst. I hate it more than anything. While I’ve walked away from many toxic family members I still strive for her approval. I cryed till there was no more tears. She was expecting my family of 6 to go to a wedding. I have major heart issues so it’s not really smart after months of distancing. Plus I have other issues with that family that brings up bad memories. She cryed so much when I told her we wouldn’t be there. It seemed to be an endlessly overwhelming day knowing I disappointed her. However it was the best choice for my family.

Today I woke up with a clearer head. #Perspective .

We can come to an understanding within ourselves. Start to #Love and #accept all our imperfections and bad days....because this is where we learn the most...this is the dirt in which we grow. 🌱
I realize that setting boundaries is hard and it’s okay to cry through the #change . Walk away and DO NOT give in to others who project negative energy tward you. Saying no takes practice. Lots if practice. Keep practicing. However walking away, saying no to that negative energy, situation or relationship is healing and healthy. Believing in your worth is probably one of the greatest gifts you can and should give yourself.

#LifeLessons #movingforward #Anxiety