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    Undertaking reassessment for aspergers at 23

    So my therapist thinks I have aspergers and the more I look at my difficulties the more I think I've been misdiagnosed. I tried to reach out to my parents but they are no help, in supporting me through this or helping me getting re assessed. They have other bigger problems to deal with.

    So i am alone again, like i was during the first diagnosed when I was 11. They never have advocated for me, the school system failed me, tests costs too much for us to afford. It was such a struggle and my parents opted out the big test and I got my adhd diagnoses from my peidetrition and was put on Adderall.

    I feel lost, like I've been pretending. I don't really know who I am. I am a creative accentric person who loves making new world up in my head, writing, drawing and ect... but I am unable to be any of this becouse of my fears of normality.

    I need to get reassessed, I don't have any support, I am alone. I just want to accept myself and have society give me the support I deserve. How? #Aspergers #ADHD #Autism #Depression #Assessment #help #neglect



    I have one friend who I don't lie to no matter what. She sees right through my lies. I feel like I've disappointed her. After 15 years of staying out of the hospital I'm back here again. #SuicidalThoughts 🤬🤬🤬


    Workplace disability assessment

    I'm really feeling frustrated and sad today. My workplace has delayed for almost a whole year to do my disability assessment claim. I have been without income since last year March. I'm struggling financially. I'm still on a waiting list for approval to start biologics for my condition as the pain makes it difficult to walk everyday. I also on average ten hours a day. I don't feel good about that. I struggle to wake up everyday as each morning starts with pain. Eventually I get going. Having to chase up medical bills and unemployment illness benefits is draining. It really has damaged my self esteem. I'm feeling less confident to even try apply for new jobs.

    #MentalHealth #Workplace #Disability #Assessment #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Depression #Fibromyaliga #DisabilityBenefits #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ChronicPain #TemporomandibularJointDisorders #InvisibleIllness #SleepWakeDisorders


    "Initial Assessment" for public mental health services

    Tomorrow morning I am going to be doing an assessment with the local mental health resource centre. I have recently completed my first six week depression/anxiety therapy group with the centre and have had a few one on one calls with a counselor from that group.

    I know that my problems are not severe, but I also know that my problems are significantly impacting my present life and my ability to have hope for the future. I have some limited financial ability to pay for private mental health services, but if I could get services for free through this centre - even just for a couple months - it would be such a huge weight off my shoulders.

    I want these services. Right now, it's like I have this very tentative foot in the door and I don't want to lose this opportunity. It's stressful! I'm worried that I won't answer the questions in the right way or that the counselor will decide I'm faking it or that I'll just be left to fight through it on my own again.

    I know I need to just answer honestly and accurately, but what if that's not enough? Also, I don't want to be using services that someone else needs more than I do - what if I'm too much?

    #MentalHealth #Therapy #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #Assessment


    How do you approach a psychologist about testing for BPD?

    Ever since I’ve learned that BPD exists, I have noticed that I fit most of the criteria, according to me.

    I tried to approach my psychiatrist about diagnosis but the reply was “honestly, a diagnosis wouldn’t help since there aren’t specific medications I can prescribe to deal with it.” I just want answers honestly. I threw rages for 18 years, my feelings are extreme and I take everything personally, etc. i do have a nurse practitioner who can also do this exam (where I go to college) and was wondering what I could say to take the assessment. I just want answers. Growing up they chalked it up to the closest diagnosis bc they had no clue what I had. #BPD #Psychiatrists #Assessment #MentalHealth


    I've finally had my mental health assessment

    After awaiting a phone call and/or letter for a mental health appointment for around 6 weeks, I chased this up. Apparently they were meant to get back to me after 28 days?! Anyway, I called them 2 weeks ago directly and was triaged that afternoon over the phone. My face to face appointment was the week after that (12th March 2020). I was somewhat chaotic and sleepless on the lead up to this appointment however on arriving (15 minutes late) I was instantly relieved by the professionals I met. The receptionist was calm in response to my chaos and the clinician was very understanding and able to relate to me throughout. He reassured me that my diagnosis will indeed be different although cannot say for certain what this will be yet. That my meds will need to be reassessed and he will refer me to the local IDT for treatment. I now await to hear the final outcome unfortunately I am due to return to work at the end of this month which I'm not neccessarily looking forward to.

    #BPD #Bipolar #Assessment #Work #idt #meds #Sertraline #MentalHealth


    Help!!! I need some input.

    I feel distant from my life.
    I feel like I’m disconnecting from my loved ones and everything else in my life.

    I have social anxiety but I feel like there is something else. I had mentioned to my therapist about Borderline before but she pushed it aside.
    I know longer see her anymore and I’m debating if I should see someone new.

    How do you ask to be assessed? I don’t want to be pushed aside again when I bring up the topic of something other then social anxiety.
    #SocialAnxiety #Depression #Assessment #Therapy #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder