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Stigmas surrounding eating disorders makes it even harder for people to heal.

It took me a while to realize that my schedule and daily plans all evolved around how many calories I was eating/drinking, and that realization was a bit concerning. When 'making progress' meant I was now able to go out and eat in a restaurant or drink outside with my friends, that's when I knew something was off: I was struggling with a problem I couldn't identify and I had no idea why or how I ended up like that.

Some behaviors such as obsessively counting calories every day by tracking each food and its macros (and feeling anxious if you don't), avoiding social situations not to drink too many calories or eat "junk food", eating the same every day and not being able to bear with changes (having your 'safe food/safe products), weighting both yourself and your food every day or multiple times a week, these are all symptoms of an eating disorder (sidenote: I do not intend to diagnose anyone, it's just for context).

When we think of 'eating disorder', most of us have a certain idea of how someone struggling with it might look like: most of the times, it's either the very thin person or the very heavy one, no in-between. Although these characteristics might be true in many scenarios, they are absolutely not the only ones. Anybody can struggle with one, regardless of your weight, size and shape, and this is something I wasn't aware of, which is exactly what invalidated my daily struggle. I didn't look like someone struggling with an eating disorder or how they portray it on the media, so nobody could really tell something was wrong with my behavior, not even myself!

This is a reminder that if you feel that you're anxious all the time about what you're going to eat next, if food worries you too much and you feel like your life might be changing or even depending on it, if you can't stop thinking about it, or if you're constantly body checking, please ask for help or talk about it. I know it's hard to do so, specially with these stigmas or people trying to tell you "you look healthier now", and it might be even harder to share it if it's something you're not sure of (undiagnosed or mild symptoms). My inbox is open to chat if you feel like you're ready to share, and so is the comment section so we can all support each other. Stay strong!

#EatingDisorders #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Cheermeup #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #AnorexiaNervosa #Bulimia #BingeEatingDisorder

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Just feeling a little overwhelmed espeically this week, I have to blurt it out.

I am currently sitting in the middle of struggling and meh...

I'm really feeling unproductive, lethargic and anxious.

I haven't been sleeping well.
I haven't had any follow-up about placement plus the current restrictions are getting to me. Haven't left the house aside from getting phone takeaway and for work.
I kind of feel like I lost touch with how to socialise anymore.

I'm kind of worried and hesistant to go out for groceries or toiletries coz there has been a few cases / exposure sites in the local community quite close to me.

I have had to push back to the following month for my first psychologist session due to another training session relevant to my current course.

Help! I'm so overwhelmed and kind of feel lost. Need some redirection, any words of encouragement and advice is kindly welcomed.

When I feel low, I often think about my Lola, I want to cry but I don't seem to have that in me to do so.

#Depression #Anxiety #DistractMe #Cheermeup #Stress

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Light therapy holiday style.

Did a little retail therapy. I just couldn’t say no to myself. My inner child kept saying “Can we do it?” Well I gave in and said yes. Totally didn’t realize it needed batteries when I got home. But before my follow up appointment I went and bought batteries before I forgot again. #AttentiondeficitDisorder #Cheermeup



sometimes Im just moving through the motions then once I stop and I’m in my own head darkness swarms in. I go to classes, I work and I sleep but that’s my cycle. how can I break it? does anyone else ever get that numb and empty feeling when they aren’t doing anything that truly interest them? #Cheermeup #hobbies #empty #Sadness #depressed #Depression #numb #feelinglikeabum #Anxiety #Work #School #College #struggles #help #Annoying


i feel like there’s so much going on right now that it’s overwhelming. I’m trying so hard to keep it together and keep going like everyone else. but right now, nothing sounds better than burying myself in soft and warm blankets and sweaters, drinking hot tea and snuggling with my pets. i can’t do that right now. there’s so much to do this week, but so little time, that is unless i decide to skip sleep and squeeze in more work hours. all i can do is my best, but i feel like even that won’t be enough or recognized. #Depression #Emotionalexhaustion #CheerMeOn #Cheermeup