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How parents can help kids with back to school anxiety?

Full disclosure: I am not a parent. But...I am the auntie to a lot of young people who are making their way back to school right now and anecdotally have heard from many of my parent friends that adjusting to going back to school has been disproportionately challenging for many of the little people I love. Since the past couple of years have been traumatic to many and in particular to children I thought it was important to share this great article:

How to Better Care for Your Child's Mental Health As They Re...

Do you have littles at home? If so, how are they adjusting? What challenges are you facing with back to school?

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How to Better Care for Your Child's Mental Health As They Return to School This Year

"How can parents best support their child’s transition if they are going from hybrid learning to fully in-person classes?"

Back to school

Stepdaughter has finished ABA and we're done with doing school online. She just simply isn't thriving there. She refuses to do any of the work so they worked with her during the past couple month to prepare her for 7th grade. She went back last Wednesday. So far, so good. She hasn't had any escalations in refusals and seems to like the environment overall. She has accomodations, but We meet with the principal later this week to work out more of her IEP and get some of that in writing. 🤞Hopefully all goes well and she stays on track! 🤞

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Mighty Virtual Events: Friday, 8/20/21!

Are you thinking about back to school with your kids? Chat live with AnnMarie & Gabe to discuss the topic. Sign up and learn more:

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Anyone else working at a school where you are back in-person? Where is your anxiety about returning? #Backtoschool

We just heading back to in-person classes at the high school I work and as a person with anxiety, I'd love some Education staff support!