I haven’t slept in three days, and I’ve been a mess with my palpitations and sweats and I feel like I’m absolutely burning more than usual. My propanol isn’t really working. (I don’t have a POTS diagnosis, but I figured some of people with dysautonomia have these symptoms, exacerbated when extrenuating circumstances happen. ) Resting heart rate of around 120, frightening, I’ve had worse, but it’s so stressful.
I can barely take a deep breath. I feel so lost. I just want an answer. I’m scared all the time for my livelihood. I’m nineteen and I haven’t even seen anything, experienced anything. Yet I feel sick to the point where I can’t tell what’s next. Plus, having a family and doctors who gave up on tests and just said “oh, probably anxiety”, makes me insane. I feel deep inside a sense of horrible wrongness, yet everyone just tells me it’s my head? It’s been two years since moderate symptom onset, and I’ve been through more pain and symptoms than I’d ever like. I’m glad someone can hear me here, that at least my story will be solidified somewhere and someone might understand.
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[DISCLAIMER: I only use tags only so many people can see my thoughts, musings, as this blog is for research and therapeutic venting purposes on my undiagnosed issues. I DO NOT self diagnose, and if you would like me to remove a tag, please inform me via private message. Have a good day!]