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How intense is the pressure behind YOUR eyes???

My eyes and face are not happy with me right now, but that’s to be expected since I’m still recovering from my eye surgery Wednesday.
#iihmemes #eyepressure #Pressure #eyepain #IIH #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension


Opthalmology appointment tomorrow...what to expect?

I have IIH and had some field vision and eye tests for my papilodema. I have a consultant appointment tomorrow. Any idea what I'm to expect? #IIH #opthalmology #vison #eyepain #papilodema

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Side effects

I was considering using the nasal spray past the 2 weeks but then a side effect that happened before happened again so I didn’t bother. Woke up a few times last night though, and struggled to sleep. Doctors appointment next week.

Today my eyes have been causing the issues though. Things were alright up until nighttime, when they are in a lot of pain.

I ironically bought new eye drops today, which have so far proven to be next to useless. Gave me less than half an hour of partial relief. Did two “doses” in 2 hours, and ended up using my old ones which were much better but still not 100% effective, so I know my eyes are worse than normal.

I got different eye drops from the last ones because they were slightly cheaper and had a longer usage on them (6 months vs 3 months), but I wish I had just got the normal ones.

I wonder if the sudden increase in pain is a side effect of the increase in my medication, or perhaps a delayed side effect to the decongestants I was on (I searched online for reasons why it may be worse in hopes of having some sort of idea).

The thing that does suck is that because my eyes burn when using eye drops with preservatives in, my selection of eye drops is narrowly reduced and all are expensive! So my hope of trying to essentially half the cost was costly and I can’t decide whether to keep trying with them or just buying some more again.

Oh in other news, I’ve been in pain with my ear again and it has the same sensation as it did just before my ear infection so I’m a bit “uhhh” about that, just hoping it’s the cold/bug I’m coming down with (yes, despite wearing a mask all the time I still managed to get one apparnetly so I feel a little rough).

Just another day in my life though. How is everyone else?

#ChronicPain #eyepain #allergy #Allergies #SideEffects #Pain #Memes #Meme

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On Thursday last week I found out it’ll get my #Braces taken off next month which is good.

I’ve also started reintroducing meat and some more dairy into my #diet and I’ve had some side effects but hopefully they’ll stop soon.

Had some other things going on too. #eyepain (dry eyes apparently) started up again and my eyedrops went AWOL (found them now), #ChestPain (random, unpredictable and short-lived) and just the normal #ChronicPain (#BackPain ) again.

Oh and also still fighting the #Depression but what’s new /shrug

Hope everyone else is okay!

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No Sleep/Tachycardia Attacks? #Undiagnosed

I haven’t slept in three days, and I’ve been a mess with my palpitations and sweats and I feel like I’m absolutely burning more than usual. My propanol isn’t really working. (I don’t have a POTS diagnosis, but I figured some of people with dysautonomia have these symptoms, exacerbated when extrenuating circumstances happen. ) Resting heart rate of around 120, frightening, I’ve had worse, but it’s so stressful.
I can barely take a deep breath. I feel so lost. I just want an answer. I’m scared all the time for my livelihood. I’m nineteen and I haven’t even seen anything, experienced anything. Yet I feel sick to the point where I can’t tell what’s next. Plus, having a family and doctors who gave up on tests and just said “oh, probably anxiety”, makes me insane. I feel deep inside a sense of horrible wrongness, yet everyone just tells me it’s my head? It’s been two years since moderate symptom onset, and I’ve been through more pain and symptoms than I’d ever like. I’m glad someone can hear me here, that at least my story will be solidified somewhere and someone might understand.
#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Dysautonomia #Undiagnosed #LymeDisease #Lupus #AutoimmuneDisease #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #UndiagnosedIllness #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Vent #Grief #Trauma #Tachycardia #Burningfeeling #Tremors #Stress #Musclepain #ChronicHeadaches #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicIllnessEDS #eyepain #ChronicDailyHeadache

[DISCLAIMER: I only use tags only so many people can see my thoughts, musings, as this blog is for research and therapeutic venting purposes on my undiagnosed issues. I DO NOT self diagnose, and if you would like me to remove a tag, please inform me via private message. Have a good day!]


More Than Just A Headache, It's Migraine!

The first time I experienced a migraine, I didn't know that's what it was. It began with a dry feeling in my left eye and a warmness on the same side of my face. This strange feeling woke me up earlier then usual. Maybe I was getting a cold or the flu, I thought since it was winter. My nose wasn't stuffy, and my temperature was normal. I took two ibuprofen, but I seemed to be getting worse. I took two more. No relief, only more pain! I went ahead and took some cough medicine and rubbed my chest with Vicks just in case. My eye kept hurting. It started to feel hard to me as if it was swollen. I told my husband that my eye was painful. The pain in my face, but only on the left side, spread to my forehead and jaw. The throbbing began and it wouldn't quit. I was thinking of going to the emergency room because the pain was horrible. I couldn't stop crying and I threw up. My husband closed the curtains since the light was making the pain even worse. I felt like begging the doctor to rip out my eye to end the pain. Cold wash cloths, ice packs, even a cold shower didn't relieve the pain. I remembered that I had a bottle of leftover pain medication from my hysterectomy months before. The surgeon had given me refills if I needed them. I was worried about taking the pills because I had taken so much ibuprofen that morning. Three hours went by. I laid in the dark bedroom, suffering from pain so bad that I said it was worse than giving birth or getting an operation. I felt like I was going insane from a HEADACHE! I had to rationalize with myself to take the hydrocodone. What if I became an addict? The label said one to two pills as needed every four hours. I did need them! Before I swallowed two, I said I'd rather die from an overdose than feel anymore pain. The pills dulled my head pain but not my eye pain. I began to be calm and could lie still under my electric blanket with the ice pack on my head. The pain seemed lighter. I stayed in bed until midnight when it returned. Two more hydrocodone, back in bed with nothing to eat that day. I was able to drink warm tea at dawn. The sun was coming up and I still had pain in my eye, although it was getting less. I remained in bed another day until the pain turned into an ache. Ibuprofen kept the ache away until I was able to see my eye doctor. You had a migraine, he said, and sent me home with a brochure about headaches. Diagnosing migraine is not uncommon for eye doctors. I used to hear people talk about migraine, but I really didn't feel any sympathy. It's just a headache, after all! They must be drama queens or a hypochondriac. Now I understand what it's like to have migraine. I'm not ashamed to use the word suffering. I research about treatment and how to cope. There isn't one thing that triggers a migraine for me that I can identify. It just happens. A dull pain in my eye has been hanging around for almost a weak and I am praying it doesn't turn worse. #Migraine #Headache #eyepain #suffering #Opiods #Pain