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I was in love with my best friend for seven years before he decided he wanted to try things. He left me for a girl he talked to and visited behind my back and now he’s moving to Colorado with her. It’s been a year and a half since he broke up with me and I still cry about it every day. I’m so broken. I wish I could make the hurt go away but nothing is helping. I don’t want to be in love again. Both relationships I’ve had has ended in trauma and heartbreak and this most recent one has broken my spirit. People tell me I shouldn’t let him have so much power over me and I need to practice radical acceptance. It doesn’t make the hurt go away. #Relationships #Broken #cheaters #Loss #Grief #Love

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I keep thinking I’m gonna wake up it’ll have all just been a dream but it wasn’t it’s not. Found out my husband cheated on me after almost 5 years of being together. Right this moment I just feel numb, I can’t sleep... How does one explain all of this to a 4 & 7 year old? #Marriage #Depression #cheaters


How can I trust friends who have cheated before?

My best friend had an affair with her cousin’s husband. I plan on telling her how I feel once my fiancé is back from deployment. Another close friend of mine introduced me to my now fiancé. They hooked up 4 years ago and she was married. He wants nothing to do with her ever. she’s made it clear we are to never bring the past up for respect of my relationship. Wishes she could take it all back. I believe her! How home I can trust the female who has a history with my fiancé over my best friend that had an affair?!
#Friendship #Relationships #cheaters #Affair

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How should I go about letting my soon to be ex know that I know he’s been talking to other women AGAIN?!

Hence the screenshot I found text messages in my soon to be ex bfs phone to multiple other women along with old explicit videos and pictures of him and him and other women. I blame myself in some ways but I also know that it is not solely my fault. I can admit that I’ve been so unhappy with my life and myself that I haven’t given my all to him or my relationship. He labels me as mean and not affectionate and I assume this may be why he is doing this. But I’m tired of not getting the support I desperately need and being hurt and lied to because of it and I don’t want to allow my emotions to cause me to just go tf off like I want to. This isn’t the first time this has happened and I cannot take anymore. I want him to truly understand the long term effect his cheating has had on me and how it has broken my trust and really broken me to the point that I don’t love the same. I realize that I have too many issues in my mind, heart and reality to deal with this!#Relationships #Depression #Anxiety #cheaters


I am so broken

I feel as though I’ve been shaddered and stomped on. The emotional pain is far worse than anything physical I have ever experienced #Cheated #Cheated on for years #hes still cheating #Broken #Depression #cheaters #cheating #Pain #hurt #Addiction #help


#cheaters #mother

#MentalHealth how can a mother betrayed her family and cheating with many guy only for her happiness?

fuck my life, ive been dealing with this problem since i was a kid. now im 23 and i hv my own problem. but still i cant keep in silence and watching my family sinking.

my mom, she told me tht she hv bad memories in her past because my grandmother was cheating too, with many reason more. but please, dont make tht sadness as the reason and do the same thing to her childs right?

i hv a lot of fight with her for many times, caused of many different bastard. and the newest one is online blind dates app. shes like abandoned everythings and her focused only to her phone. from dusk till dawn.

and im so tired. what should i do?

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