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Trouble forgiving :( #PTSD #CPTSD #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #Relationships #Cheated

I really need help. I have been struggling for quite some time to forgive my significant other for cheating. I found out about a lot of inappropriate messages on his social media when he knows my history of having an ex husband who was an addict and had issues with the same thing. This was devastating to me, especially because it coincided with a fatal car accident I was involved in and needed his support. He had his own issues going on at that time, which I am trying to be understanding of. However, I have had a really hard time letting go of what happened. I believe it was a true mistake and nothing like my ex husband, but I feel so so very unsure of myself and uncomfortable all the time now in my own house (jointly owned). I love him so much that I feel unsafe now in my house because he’s there- if that makes sense. I am having a hard time moving past what happened, and keep expressing that hurt in terms of anger, which isn’t fair. To his credit, he typically takes these on the chin and has changed many behaviors that are leading him down a better path. But I keep feeling stuck and though things have gotten better, it’s taking so much time to get over the pain and the mean things I did after I found out because I was so hurt. It all just feels so out of control and I feel helpless and hopeless. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any thoughts on things I should tell myself or do?


#Cheated #cheating #Relationships

So my partner of nearly three years cheated on me, nothing physical, just messaging, we had a break and a long think about things and after thinking about it we are still together, this happened nearly 6 months ago but I still get anxious and flappy when he is on his phone sometimes. Not all the time, but it depends what mood I’m in as to whether I get anxious or not. When I have a clear head and I can think about things properly I 100% know he hasn’t/isn’t doing anything but when I get down I can’t help but worry. We are really good at the moment and I can’t explain how happy we are together but because I have depression and anxiety when my bad moods swing into action my head spirals off to another place... does anybody have any advice in helping/stopping overthinking? Thank you ☺️


I am so broken

I feel as though I’ve been shaddered and stomped on. The emotional pain is far worse than anything physical I have ever experienced #Cheated #Cheated on for years #hes still cheating #Broken #Depression #cheaters #cheating #Pain #hurt #Addiction #help


how do you handle RAGE???

having a tough day. woke up this morning in Serious rage for the women my boyfriend cheated on me with. she knew about our relationship she was a friend but still did it anyways, I’m trying not to listen to the thoughts by sleeping or going to yoga but is really hard. I know I should be getting over it but It’s tough enough to fight myself to get out of bed. this add a extra load to my already tough days. it’s hard to fight myself to stay positive and try to understand why. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense. just trying to keep it together #Cheated #feelingworthless #Broken. #PTSD #alone


how to get away from those memories😖 #Anxiety #Cheated


6 months ago my girlfriend cheated on me and am very ill since then .i jst hate her bt still i am not able to get away from memories . it's like am not able to accept that i loved the wrong one and thoughts like how could someone cheat on person like me , these thoughts huant me everyday. i sleep all day, sometimes i jst stuck in one position in bed and not able to move my body , my body feels so heavy to me . i need someone bt i don't trust people . i want myself back who i was 6 months ago. plz someone help me .


Infidelity #Cheated

I’m in a confused state. I am not where I want to be in life. My BPD gets the best of me at times. Also my current boyfriend has cheated on me for the first time with his ex. She sent me the messages and if she wouldn’t have said anything; I would’ve never known. I had a plan to leave him but when I saw him I went right back to him. Now it’s hard to trust him. I always feel this pain in my chest whenever I’m ready to fall asleep or if we haven’t talked for a few. I don’t know what I could possibly do to stop feeling like this. This feeling of abandonment and betrayal hurts to the point of tears. If anyone is reading this please give me advice. Sincerely from someone who’s in need of a conversation.

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Recovery from adultery #Adultery #Depression #Trust #anger #Forgiveness #Revenge #desperation #Obssesivethoughts

Hello and thanks for reading my wife and I have been together for 14 years, married 5. The last 4 years we have been _#FosterParents . We have three little kids and we are in the process of adopting them
Last year my wife #Cheated on me with her ex boyfriend
This #Affair left me in a #MajorDepression .
I can’t #forgive , I can’t forget, and I am #obsessed with how this happened
We go to marriage counseling
I go to men’s group and to #Celebraterecovery
I’m working on my #CBT skills
I’d like to keep my family and recover
I feel the need to destroy her ex boyfriend and his family
I feel the need to end my marriage and, by doing so, give up my children that we love dearly
Anyone been here?
Any tips, advice, or kind words?
Thanks for readingp


#Pain #Lonliness #Anxiety #feltbetrayed #Cheated #anger #lie

My first sister she committed suicide
My second sister on verge of marriage breakup and almost separated for a year
My third sister got aborted before her marriage and was cheated by this boyfriend of her
Me myself always been verbally abused by my father, bullied in school time, college friends made me betrayal and put me into disastrously bad image, my professors went silent upon asking for career help, my family members gone unsupportive during my job time when it was hard to push self for work everyday, I wasted all my savings into a rubbish Coaching class which I never wanted to pursue and I am still struggling with my own likes and things which I want to do and not to do, which also includes identifying my sexuality
My Young brother is started going dumb after his 10th grade, suffuled schools in the same year for four times, started pursuing and changing profession one after other soon after completing his graduation and now working for to open businesses
My father is looking for his treatment from one year and planning for surgery which is gonna cost us both my money and his life if it goes fail
My mother is there not able to make any decisions and even not willing to because of all this going through inside the family, she got already operated for three times with major surgeries and now going sick because of touching menopause and old age.
My nephew and my second sisters son is now our responsibility means my father's and mother's and if one of them or both dies then it becomes mine responsibility.
And there my third sister is going to give birth to a baby soon so her first child also comes to our family side with more responsibility.
And here I am still jobless living bullshit life failing myself on purpose day by day seriously on purposefully day by day, avoiding every chance to stand for myself just because these people should be safe and not get any trouble if I leave them and go to work for far. And yet I am not able to cry for any of the things happening around and this cries also goes to my younger brother.
What shit I am into and why I am still waiting for this mess to be clear one day. I am in dead pain and want to yell so much about it. That no fuck you guys I really don't want to join your mess created by you, I have so much going in my own personal life. I wanna go...... Fuck your shit on your own I really don't wanna give damn about it. Fuck u fuck u fuck fuck u everyone I met so far and been with so far . Made my life disastrously bad because of this shitty thought you were imposing upon me.
Story doesn't end here there is money demanding family relatives of our who eyes on us for most Penny and besides they're sexist and child abusive even sexually and ready to make us live like a fool.
I want to avoid this bad journey of my life and start new , just wanted to to cry once and never for it . When I am gonna be out of it and tell everyone that your cruelty didn't killed me also caged my soul. I just want to free.


Does anyone else feel like they can’t trust their manic self with social media accounts? I feel like I flirt constantly and I’m married. #BipolarDisorder #Mania #Cheated


Part 2 #scaredandalone

I started to drink again, I newly been diagnosed with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
I’m feeling all the symptoms that I had when I had in 2016. My husband acts different around certain times and he blocked me off his facebook and has nothing but ladies For a minute I’ve caught him multiple times sneaking around. Without him yelling or getting excited... #ihatedepressionandanxiety
My husband is 21 years older then me and he treats me like I don’t know shit but I’m afraid that I’m going to die from #FunctioningAlcoholic #Cheated

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