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Beyond The Pain

There used to be a time I could call my friends and ask
“can you come and get me” they’d say be there in a flash.
But now I keep on hoping that our friendships can outlast
all these emotions I’m spewing as I process all my past.
I try to keep them close because we have always had a blast.
But all I can give is silence cause I’m bursting at the seams,
I don’t sleep much anymore as it’s crept into my dreams.
Yeah my body’s going haywire and I don’t have control.
I thought I had it for a while but now my body pays the toll.
Being sick isn’t easy and and the farthest thing from fun.
Still I take the meds, shots and procedures ‘cause the work is never done.
Each treatment only holds so long,
so my body needs more to keep it holding on.
My mind is a tornado of many different thoughts,
all of them bad cause i have already fought,
so many battles in this body that no one else can see.
So I hide the pain inside until it begins to seep, into all of those friendships and places it shouldn’t be.
But when my mind hits overload and I still pretend it’s fine,
I know should have left then, I didn’t, a bad choice of mine.
It’s so lonely knowing you’re not like other people your age.
Like, most of you have never felt your body was your cage.
And this prison is on lockdown and I can never get a break.
I really just don’t know how much more I can take.
I keep trying to pretend I’m not in so much pain, cause I’ve lost some friends for excessively trying to explain,
that this is my life every second, of every minute, of every day.
I promise I’m not trying to shove it in your face,
but there’s no way you can understand this messed up, terrible place.
While my body is the prison, my life is what’s at stake.
So I keep on going and then they start to say I’m “brave”,
As if my choice wasn’t keep on living or you’re heading to your grave.
I hate to admit that this life breaks me every single day,
so I try to find my purpose somewhere beyond the pain.
By: Kate Tierney #mightypoems #ChronicIllness #RareDisease

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Night Struggle

Nights are the worst for me. Insomnia. Depression. Anxiety. Boredom. Pain. Frustration. Everything just gets so much more difficult to handle when the sun goes down.


The sun falls to the ground
pushed by the stalking night
she clings to the horizon
as the sky bleeds bright red light

The moon spotlights the dark's offense
beating back the black curtain
but the night will reoffend
of that you can be certain

I cringe beneath the midnight glare
fierce and forsaken
sitting astride the night's mare
wishing I could awaken

Galloping wild across the hellscape
I remind myself to just hold on
the sun watches for the night's retreat
and together we make a break for dawn

- Remy Soberanes

#MightyPoets #mightypoetry #mightypoems #Depression #Anxiety #Insomnia #ChronicPain

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Pondering a while on break at work #MightyPoets #mightypoems #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD


Thank you for your warm welcome into sharing my poem earlier, wrote this one on break at work, so it is still messy but, it got words out.

As I get older, I can’t fake my
Happiness as well as I could
When all the things I love so
Much now, were actually new.
I diminish myself, try to make
Myself fit into a box, not to label,
But to feel like I am as small
As possible. Taking up nothing
In the world. And hoping I will
Shrink until I don’t exist. I will
Dissolve in a flood of my tears.
But in reality the flood comes,
And I like Alice, do wish I hadn’t
Cried so much. And burst out
Of everything because I feel too
Big. I want to cut me down
To size. Leave nothing behind,
Always a Girl Scout, trying to
Leave a place better than I found it.

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Migraine - trademarked original poetry by me.


Black as the night
Strong as the sea
Hot as the sun
Burning a hole through me

Sharp as knife
Flashes before my eyes
Days wasted in bed
A painful demise

Weak and sensitive
Painful and sick
Feeling as though
I’ve been with a brick

Pills to prevent
Pills to eradicate
If only there was a pill
To make you feel great

Stealing my days
With fitful slumber
When will they find
A cure for migraine
I wonder
@divamumsteph #Migraine #MightyTogether #wearemighty #mightywithmigraine #migraineandme #mightypoems #MightyPoets



Note from author:
My publisher has asked me to write a story behind each of my poems and I usually don’t do that but I decided to choose a handful of them and go ahead and write the story behind the poem.
I wrote Farwell for my mother who had fought a long difficult battle with lung cancer and near the end she was put on Hospice care and eventually slipped into a coma yet she was still holding on to life.
The hospice nurse said that often times a patient will hold on longer than they should because they were worried about leaving their loved ones behind. She advised us in order to help mother passover we should each take a turn alone with her and say our goodbyes and ensure mother in our own words that it was okay for her to go ahead and let go and pass over.
I told mother that she did a wonderful job mothering and teaching me and that even though I would love to have her around for many more years I knew she was in pain and I knew that she was ready to go see her Lord so she should not worry about me because she had done a wonderful job preparing me for life and I would be just fine.


Go on down now
Your eyes can not see
Go on down now
Go down deep

Lay down your dry bones
Now enter that sleep
Go on down now
Go down deep

Go on down now
Leave the rest to me
Go on down my love
Go down deep.

Dianne Lowe Breakfield
Published by Dreaming Big Publications in an anthology titled Person Suit

#MightyPoets #MightyPoets #mightypoems #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #greif #Greiving #Death #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #mentalillnesses


How are they able to do this? #Family #rant #mightypoems

I'm a 30 year old woman. So how is my mother able to make me feel powerless just from a text message and reduce me to a little girl 👧🏽?
How is it that it makes no difference if we were in the same room or in different counties?I can't tell
I literally can't wrap my head around this. How can they control my emotions from thousands of miles away?
Why do they keep playing these games I didnt ask to play?
Why did they force me to do things like go to uni twice without even getting to decide what I wanted to do? I struggled the entire time
Just to finish and they were still utterly miserable and unsatisfied ?
They are the same people that pushed me to move out early because my depression was crippling my anxiety severe and yet not one of them helped me.
However now they keep wanting to see me?.
Also why do they keep pushing onto me to be successful but only on their own terms
And not even supporting me to get there? 😀
Why do they never own up to their faults?
Why do they say 'we care for you' or 'we love you and want to see you' but when I'm there they make me feel like shit? I'd be doing fine but then this confusing experience would make me worse for wear, then I'd come to a halt
I have blocked them somehow they find a way to contact me. This time its through my brother's girlfriends social media.. Made me feel so hollow
Haven't they done enough? What else do they want from me? Can't I start my own life? They get to live theirs. Can't I also grow?
Is this what love is?
The same love people keep telling me that my family have for me?
Love that causes me to feel preyed on, lonely, crazy, voiceless, unable to talk, unable to do things, feeling trapped confused.
I blocked all of them.. well most of them. My brother still has my number but supposedly he doesn't have it.. Why can't they just F off?! My brother makes sure to follow me on all social medias and send screenshots of my posts to my mum. Yet he won't say hello? He preferred to be a bully instead and patronise me. I was sick of being abused
I have made do much progress away from them than I would have with them. I am tired.. I just want to meet my real soul family.
I need a change please! Universe please I'm ready 💫 🙏🏾

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Might poem #mightypoems

To the people who feel like this is the end of the road,,, just stop, take a breather and think it through.
Life has a unique way of presenting us with challenges we think we can never surpass..,but look at us now...braving bigger battles than before.
We wear our battle scars, whether visible or invisible to remind us that we’ve come far and we’re yet to go further..,
And remember to put yourself first, life is a race and we’re all looking after ourselves...
“Do not go gentle into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light”


Silent Cries For Help #Anorexia ##EatingDisorder #Poetry

Thigh bones stick out, sharp and defined... Back and shoulder blades are visible the eye... You can easily move your finger down their spine... No pressure is needed, to feel their bones from the outside... You can see their hollow cheeks... And you can see the emptyness, in their eyes... You can see their silent plead for help... If you only looked closer... If you only took the time... They say they already ate... Or they're just not hungry... In some ways they say truth... But they also speak a lie... They say they ate... But the question is, when...? They may not be hungry... But for how long, will their hunger subside...? How long, till they fight the hunger once more...? How long will they last...? Why don't you see past their disguise...? Why can't you open your eyes...? Open them and see... See all the things they hide... See the way they long for food... See the hollowness and the silent cries... See the clear signs... Those signs, that are only visible... If you have the eyes... And an open mind... #AnorexiaNervosa #Anorexia #EatingDisorder #Poem #mightypoems #MightyPoets #poems #Real #realpoetry #Poetry


Ode to Chronic Illness #mightypoetry #mightypoems

The morning dawns
My eyes peek into the dark
My mind meets my body
In a symphony of ache
I reach for this pill or that pill
Just to make a beginning
Of another day.
My feet hit the floor
Standing ever so slowly
So I don't crumble
The minutes into hours
Before my body catches up
With my mind.
Tiny humans need things
I must press on.
Tick tock
Each day the same.
Broken up by the love of a friend
The opportunity to encourage another
To create
To share
To be.
This is my life.
But it is, as with everything
Only temporary.