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    Family Troubles

    Most times I talk to my grandmother (who I live with, along with my grandpa and brother), I either get criticized or she tries to start an argument.

    If I come home from work tired and she's cooking, she'll tell me about how I should be cooking because my future husband is going to come home wanting a meal. To be clear, I don't even ask her to cook. If she didn't, I would find my own meal.

    I'm currently engaged and she's already (very rudely) unloaded her opinion on me about how she thinks I shouldn't get married. That conversation lasted at least 30 minutes despite me telling her multiple times how I didn't want to talk about it.

    She's initiated a couple of conversations about trying to keep my dog when I move out. She was implying that I wouldn't care for her, ignoring that I've lived on my own before with my dog. There was nothing reasonable that should have even put that idea in her head.

    It's everything we discuss.

    The things I do aren't good enough, and the focus is always on what I don't do.

    Now she and my grandpa are telling me that I've had an attitude problem for weeks. That's because I'm ready to move out, get married, and have my own life where I'm not constantly criticized.

    I'll admit I've said things (like "I need to move out") and I've had an attitude. I also don't open up to them very much, for good reason! I've felt over the years that things I'm excited about are rained on by them. That plus the criticism doesn't lead me to talk very much about my feelings.

    She told me today that I've been acting like "a spoiled brat" and that I want to be "treated like an adult (I'm 21), 'Don't get in my business'" but that I "just want to be on the recieving end of emotional support."

    She does give me some support, but I also get regular doses of a blatant lack of support.

    I even have dreams about us arguing.

    I know I'm not making the problem better, but I don't find myself caring too much.

    Any advice? 🙃😐

    #Depression #Family #Familyproblems #Grandparents #Dysfunction #rude #lackoffamilysupport #Relationships #Parents #Advice #help

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    Missing my grandfather my best friend who passed away 11 years ago on October 8th2009 I was with him in room when he passed I went into room day bef

    He passed away he was in a coma on morphine I went up to him with nurse by myself I said Dziadziu it’s 1J3$$13 I love you and he opened his eyes looked at me and said I I I I I I like he was trying to say I love you to me and then he closed his eyes lived over1 more day n then passed. I got a gift of him doing that for me he never opened his eyes for anyone else but me. I take comfort in that he told me he loved me one last time. I get signs from him and spirit all the time when I was a kid he and my grandma would take us on an evening ride on back country roads there was this one road where it was a rest area we would drive get out every week and my grandfather would go look kids it’s money there would be coins on ground of course when your a kid you think it’s a cool thing finding money so we named the road money road I found out as an adult it was my grandfather dropping coins on ground for us. So often I will be sad walk on my sidewalk or road and find pennies nickels and dimes I lock them up and add them to my coin jar it’s my grandson spirit form leaving these signs for me and a hawk follows me everywhere I go. #Grief #sad #Grandparents #Death #Love #Chatspace #Upallnight #CheckInWithMe #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #Bipolar2Disorder #BorderlineStigma #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyaliga #Fibromyalgia #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #CPTSD #CPTSDinrelationships #PinchedNerve #ADHD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Aspergers #AspergersSyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #flare #Flareup #resilient #Yoga #Art #Photography #Exercise #Sadness #lonely #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #MightyQuestions #TheMightyTakeaway #TheMightyCommunity #MightyReviews #TheMightyTakeaway #TheMighty #MightyFeatures #strength #fall #Nature #COVID19


    Dot, a story of dementia and losing everything #Dementia

    I see faces
    I hear names
    But they Lie
    They all spy

    My photos of life
    All under the knife
    Fading away quick
    All I know is a life of pain

    All these threads unravelling
    Each by each life rolls away
    Red ball of life like my mind
    A ball I cannot rewind

    The old hat on the hook I know faint
    The old man in the grave gone by taint
    The old house out in the countryside
    All my life is here and what I know

    My five gracious giggling girls all grown up
    I meet grandchildren but forget the next day
    Their pictures in frames I just wish I know names
    They dance like my mind in grass acres playing games

    Can they see
    They are free
    They do know
    My mind blank

    Slowly decaying
    My life slips away
    I keep hold on tight
    More vanish each night
    Don’t know those of my own blood
    My mind a scary great flood
    Don’t know the town which I live
    All these strangers around me

    In the mirror I see emptiness
    They beg me to remember my name
    I know nothing of no one or life
    I should be gone then cause this much strife

    The wailing of a sweet grandchild in my arms
    I look out to the land of beautiful farms
    No time left to see a sight better than life
    A life full of joy and pain faded away

    Grief tears rolling down faces as speeches are spoken
    A beautiful box with red petals
    Whilst waltzing Matilda plays
    She’s lowered down
    And covered

    This is a poem I wrote about my nana Dot who passed from dementia and Alzheimers 3 years ago. She was often confused and thought everybody was lying to her. At her funeral waltzing Matilda was played as it was her favourite song when she remembered. three years later this is my way of grieving finally. Enjoy #Dementia #AlzheimersDisease #Grandparents #lostgrandparents #Love #Pain #MemoryLoss #Memory #countryside #outback #gone #Death #Funeral #FamilyAndFriends #Family #confused #conspircy